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Nutritional Requirements for Horses

I’m trying to find out the nutritional percent breakdown on a colt (6 months of age/quarter horse) for a daily feed basis. As to how much calcium etc should be in his daily diet. I did not want to put

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Feeding Round Bales to Horses

I have a boarding barn where the pastures have been eaten down. In lieu of the grass I now put out a fairly decent round bale for the horse to eat off of. I observe their behavior and essentially there are no bullies hogging the bale.

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Supplements for a Young Horse

I have an AQHA filly that just turned 2-years-old. Everyone is giving me their thoughts regarding horses ‘supplements.’ I thought that if she is receiving a good quality feed plus plenty of quality hay and pasture to graze upon, she

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Is It Possible to Over Supplement?

“Is it possible to over supplement? Are there any harmful side effects when feeding supplements?”
– Nancy V., Carthage, NC

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Horse Wormers: Daily Dewormers vs. Paste Dewormers

What is the difference between pellets & paste wormer. Is one better than the other. I have problems giving my horses the paste. And was looking into giving them the pellet form with their food. CJ, Florida Dear CJ, While

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Clearing up Omega 3 & Omega 6 Confusion

I am currently supplementing “Bug Check” and “Sr Flex” to my 17 yr old TB’s grain. I was also giving Rice Bran Oil as recommended by the Equine Hospital where he spent a week (for colic- like symptoms) without getting

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Balancing Your Horse's Diet with SmartOmega 3

A friend of mine recommended SmartOmega 3 – she said your customer service reps said it is okay to add to any horse’s current program. Is that actually true? And what are the benefits of this product?JN, Maine Dear JN,

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Nutrient Requirements for Horses

I am a senior at Sweet Briar College, and am currently working on my senior thesis exercise for the Equine Certificate. My current study is “equine nutrition in the 21st century” and I think my thesis will be the different

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Keeping your Horse Sand Colic Free

We will be moving our horses (9 yr G Paint & 6 yr G Quarter Horse) to our property in a little over a month. We will have a new pasture for them to stay in with a horsewire fence.

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Nutrition for a Pregnant Mare

I have just purchased a QH mare who is due to foal the first part of March. As this is our first foal, what if any supplements would you recommend for the mare at this point in her pregnancy. I

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The Truth about Feeding Horses Corn Oil

My horse has a dull coat and could stand to gain some weight, so my trainer suggested adding corn oil to his grain, for extra fat. But I’ve read recently that corn oil actually isn’t that good for horses –

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How Much Pasture Do Horses Eat?

Could you tell me how long a horse that gets 2 flakes of hay morning and evening would have to be turned out on good pasture to get the same intake?  Thanks! KP, Pennsylvania  Dear KP,  I have a short

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Feeding a Pony a Multi-Vitamin Instead of Grain

I have a 6 YO small pony (40″ & about 450 lbs.) and I think she needs to lose weight. She eats Timothy hay and 1/3 Cup of Omolene 100 2X’s a day. I am not certain that this small

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Devil’s Claw and Other Herbs

My horse is on Devil’s Claw Plus to relieve some swelling. I recently heard that Devil’s Claw can cause liver and kidney function to decline. Could you please tell me a little more about this herb as well as some

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Dr. Gray's Featured Article: Silica Supplementation in Horses Shown to be Safe and Effective

This article was originally published at While beer may be an excellent source of bioavailable silica for humans, a new round of dietary supplements may be a better way to provide horses with this essential trace mineral. According to

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