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This is a space where all of us horse addicts can get together to discuss some serious topics related to horse health. I will be posting two to three answers a week to the questions you have about your horse’s health related issues. Keep in mind these are only my opinions and they are for informational purposes only. Please consult your veterinarian before treating your horse or pony for any ailment.
In addition to answering questions from you I will be sharing some of the many articles that I have written. Also, I will try to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the world of equine health and nutrition.
We also welcome any health questions you may have about your canine companion!
- Dr. Lydia Gray
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Carbs & Horses: Separating fact from fiction


The gal at one of the feed stores is making this BIG deal out of controlled starches. I always thought that only horses with certain issues [i.e. insulin problems, EPSM, and laminitis] required carb consistency. Any issues with malnourished horses?

Posted in Ask the Vet

Summer Sweat and Electrolytes


In the hot summer months when my horses are sweating alot which electrolyte supplement would you recommend feeding them? There are so many on the market and so many articles about which ones to feed and which ones to avoid.

Posted in Ask the Vet, Seasonal Horse Care

Upward Fixation of the Patella


I have a 3 yr old gelding that started showing signs of stifle problems as a yearling, from a yearling to 2 yr old it progressively got worse and his legs, one or the other were locking up. I had

Posted in Ask the Vet, Lameness

Joint Supplement Efficacy


I have a 10yo quarter horse who’s never had any soundness issues. We do a lot of hacking out and he gets ridden 6 days a week, 2 are serious training days about one to two hours each. We are

Posted in Ask the Vet, Lameness

The Benefits of Baking Soda


I’ve never had my OTTB scoped for ulcers, but given his history and current living situation, I’m fairly confident his stomach bothers him. My friend recommended adding baking soda to his program to help. I’m confused because I’ve also heard

Posted in Ask the Vet

Treating Swollen Legs


We are pleased to have a guest veterinarian provide an answer today. At SmartPak, we realize the importance of staying on top of the latest research, nutritional products and horse health issues, while helping to promote increased involvement of veterinarians

Posted in Lameness

Selenium Safety


“I just bought my first horse and he came with a SmartPak that has a multi-vitamin, vitamin E and selenium pellets, a hoof supplement and a joint supplement in it. I moved him into a new barn when I bought

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Posted in Ask the Vet

Licking Paws


My 10 year old Jack Russell has recently started licking his paws. A friend told me this can be caused by a reaction to yeast in foods and that I should switch him to something higher in protein and lower

Posted in Canine Ask the Vet

How To Handle Headshaking


My horse suffers each spring and summer from something that causes her to snap or toss her head and sneeze or snort/blow out through her nose very strongly and in succession. Sometimes she even rubs the inside of her upper

Posted in Ask the Vet, Behavior

Managing Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM) in Your Horse


My horse was just diagnosed with Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy, he is now on Poulin Grain Carb Safe. Can you explain more about this, and how to keep the total carbohydrate level at 12% or below? Thank you. – SK,

Posted in Diseases and Conditions

Heaves in Horses – What to do?


I have a 10 year old 1/2 Percheron 1/2 Quarter Horse mare, and we live in the Midwest outside of Chicago. My mare suffers from severe seasonal allergies – she is the worst in spring/fall. She will cough, have a

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Posted in Diseases and Conditions

Psyllium: To Wet Or Not To Wet


I have an Arabian mare that I just moved to a farm that has very sandy pastures. She’s not brought into her stall much so she is fed her hay and grain outside, and we also have some grass that

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Posted in Ask the Vet

Is Water Softener Salt Ok for Horses?


Is water softener block salt okay for horses. I bought some and it contains brine, and they told me it was okay. – CM, Illinois Dear CM, This was an interesting question that, quite truthfully, I had never thought about

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Posted in Ask the Vet, Seasonal Horse Care

Do fly control supplements really work?


I board my horse at a facility with approximately 30 other horses. There is adequate pasture space for all. And fairly good manure management. My question is, do fly repellent supplements work? I know that for larval killer, all horses

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Choosing a Flea Preventative


What is the most effective flea med available? BG, Texas Dear BG, Unfortunately, there’s not really “one” most effective flea product. Because different products contain different active ingredients, they all work a little differently. It’s up to you and your

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