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Ask the Vet: Too Cold to Ride?


“It has been 20 degrees F or colder here for weeks. Is it safe to work my horse in these temperatures, or is it bad for his lungs? Should I scale back or stop riding completely?” – Submitted via

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Blanketing Your Horse


I’m not sure when a horse needs a blanket and when they don’t. I have a 6 year old quarter horse mare, she is overweight and has plenty of fat! I have not put a blanket on her before. It

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Should I be feeding my horse’s supplements year-round?


My show horse gets a joint supplement, an electrolyte supplement, Omega Horseshine and SmartHoof Pellets. A few people in my barn mentioned that they stop feeding supplements once show season is over, and I’m wondering if that is recommended. I

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The Trio of Temperature Control


I live in Kentucky where slushy winter storms are very popular. I just got a new mare who has a thinner winter coat than the rest of my horses do, and when I went to the barn to feed this

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Summer Sweat and Electrolytes


In the hot summer months when my horses are sweating alot which electrolyte supplement would you recommend feeding them? There are so many on the market and so many articles about which ones to feed and which ones to avoid.

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Is Water Softener Salt Ok for Horses?


Is water softener block salt okay for horses. I bought some and it contains brine, and they told me it was okay. – CM, Illinois Dear CM, This was an interesting question that, quite truthfully, I had never thought about

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Deworming Q & A


Question: “I’m looking for the 3-way rotation chart. Can you report this on your website?”

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Keeping Weight on Horses Through Winter


” I have a paint horse that is 30 years old and he has lost weight and is looking bad despite being on feeding supplements. Is there any one particular supplement that will help him gain weight?…”

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The Great Electrolyte Debate: You Can Lead a Horse to Water…


“Is it always appropriate to administer electrolytes to a slightly dehydrated horse? I say that if the horse has become dehydrated from not drinking (vs. sweating) then electrolytes by paste or feed aren’t a good idea. Don’t the electrolytes need appropriate amounts of water within the body to “dissolve”? My counterparts say that the horse will naturally drink more (or start drinking) in response to the salt in the electrolytes and voila, hydrated horse.”

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From AAEP’s Ask the Vet: Adjusting My Draft Horse’s Diet


I am in Pennsylvania and have a 6 year old, 16.2 h., athletic, Percheron x Paint/TB mare (Kit) who is an extremely easy keeper. I have had Kit for a little over a year but due to my current time constraints and the fact that she is boarded 25 miles away, I have trouble getting there consistently and thus, she is receiving very little organized exercise. She is turned out 23 hrs/day in rotated lush grassy (seasonal) pastures w/ access to the barn and plenty of water at all times…

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Are Blankets Worth Their Weight?


Hi, Dr. Gray! I have a question about horse blankets. I have never used one, but I was wondering if I should. I have an Arabian/Appaloosa and a Thoroughbred, as well as a senior (vet said over 30) quarter horse.

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Transitioning from Pasture: What are the Risks?


I have just moved my horse from Missouri to Oklahoma. He is going from full time, lush pasture that received a great deal of rain to turn out with occasional grain (a scoop 2-3 times per week). Now he is

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Blanketing when Trailering

I will be keeping one of my horses in a heated barn this winter. I will trailer her back and forth to team penning events and would like to know what type of blanket I should use when I am

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Red Maple Leaf Toxicity

Is it true that the leaves of the red maple tree are poisonous to horses? If so, what are the signs? We have noticed several in our pasture now that it’s fall and are concerned. LL, Vermont Dear LL, Yes,

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Preventing Sunburn in Horses

I recently purchased a horse with a large white blaze.  He is out on pasture all day and is suffering from sunburn on his nose.  I have tried to use the face masks that have a nose cover, but he

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