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How much Omega 3 fatty acid is too much?

You brought up the benefit of omega 3’s…If it is already in their feed, is it necessary to also have it in your fat supplement? How much is beneficial? There are studies that claim it can negatively affect their immune

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Barefoot or shod: what’s right for YOUR horse?


“Hello Dr. Gray. I am writing today in regards to shoeing. There seems to be a trend towards riding barefoot. A huge article just came out in Dressage Today magazine about Shannon Peters taking a few of her top performers barefoot. I am intrigued by this concept because I have been taught that horses always need shoes for added stability. The thought of riding without shoes is equal to the sin of jumping without a helmet. Should my training level dressage gelding go barefoot?…”

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Skin Allergies: Sweet Itch


My horse is 15 years old and gets sweet itch every spring. Someone told me to add Flax seed meal to her diet. I’ve started that this winter. I’ve noticed a growth in her mane and tail but was wondering

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Hoof Abscesses and White Line Disease


My 12 year old mare has had 3 abscesses of the hoof in the last year. The vet noted on her most recent episode that “she has lots of separation of the white line of all 4 feet and I feel this is where the abscesses are coming from”.

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From AAEP’s Ask the Vet: Rescue Horse


“I adopted a rescue horse about 2 years ago from a local rescue organization. A buckskin gelding that is now about 9 years old. I have had him at the current boarding facility for 1 1/2 years and we have done a couple months of training board where he has progressed extremely well. I’ve noticed that this spring and through this past winter his coat seems to be coarse and staticy at times…”

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The Reality of Rain Rot


“What do you recommend for horses with who are prone (even with good preventive care) to rain rot? Thanks, R.”

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Help! My Horse Has Horrible Hives!


“Dear Dr. Gray, my 10 year old quarter horse developed hives about the size of a half dollar to a quarter ALL over his body. He has never had hives before. The other five horses on the farm do not have hives…”

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Keep Your Finger on the (Digital) Pulse


“My vet told me that a “bounding pulse” indicates a problem. I am having a hard time determining what constitutes “bounding”. Sometimes I am able to easily feel the pulse though it does not seem hard or fast. When I have felt the pulse, my horse does not seem to be in pain and is moving freely and easily. Other times I am not able to find the pulse and he seems a bit ouchy…Am I over thinking this or should I be concerned that I am finding such variance in the pulse?”

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Flaky Hoof Syndrome


Hello! I have 2 young donkeys, a Jack and Jenny. They both have hoof problems and my farrier doesn’t know what to do. Their hooves are very soft, and they just seem to be flaking off from the outside from the bottom up about 1″. I am pretty worried. Are there some supplements that would help them with this problem? There is not a lot of info out there on Donkeys and how to feed them correctly. Any help would be appreciated. -Thanks, SK, Texas

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Dry Skin Solutions


My horse is 22 years old and is showing signs of very dry skin everywhere. What product is the best to use for this condition? Thank you! CM, Pennsylvania

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Cracked Hoof

Cracked Hoof

Some of my horses have cracks in their hooves. I feed alfalfa and grass hay twice a day and they also receive ADM Patriot 12% once daily. My horses are off duty all winter meaning I do not ride at all in the winter. What are they lacking nutritionally assuming this is a nutrition issue?

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Treating Horse Allergies

My horses are on pasture with mix grasses for about 8 h/d and have recently shown signs of allergies, itchiness on forehead, cheek, mane, tail and chest. Will supplements and oils help

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Horse Losing Hair

I’ve got a horse that has been in full time training. He went to the trainer with a show coat and 30 days later he has now blown his hair coat and looks like he is in the middle of winter. What makes a horse blow his show coat in this manner?

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Hoof Supplements vs Hoof Topicals

It’s rained on and off here outside Chicago for a while now. Due to standing in water, our horse’s hooves got soft. Our vet told us to give him Farrier’s Formula supplements, which we did.

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How Can I Help My Pony Regain His Vibrant Sheen?

Our older pony has taken a long time to shed her winter coat. It has lost the vibrant sheen it once had. How can I help?

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