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Hoof Supplements vs Hoof Topicals

It’s rained on and off here outside Chicago for a while now. Due to standing in water, our horse’s hooves got soft. Our vet told us to give him Farrier’s Formula supplements, which we did.

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How Can I Help My Pony Regain His Vibrant Sheen?

Our older pony has taken a long time to shed her winter coat. It has lost the vibrant sheen it once had. How can I help?

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What should I look for in a hoof supplement?

My eight-year-old Quarter Horse mare competes in western pleasure. I’ve noticed that she’s losing shoes frequently and her hooves are brittle. What should I look for in a hoof supplement?

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Preventing Proud Flesh in Horses

Is there a topical medication that assists in the healing cuts to reduce scarring and proud flesh? My Arab has a 21″ cut – stitches were just removed. I always use vitamin E but was hoping there was something else

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Equine Hair Loss

Have you ever heard of a horse losing its hair? And if so, what are the causes and treatments? Have you ever run across it happening as a reaction to supplemental feed? Our horse is losing his hair and his

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Springtime Hair Loss

I’ve noticed when the weather turns warm every spring my horse tends to lose hair in a circular pattern on his face and neck. This slight balding is accompanied by severe itchiness on his stomach and chest area. I spoke

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The Best Way to Treat Thrush

I have a 13 yr. old thoroughbred with a chronic thrush problem in one front foot. I have tried the bleach/water mixture. A friend with horses says she puts Icthammol ointment on the hoof and covers it to draw out

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Treating Scratches

I discovered that my draft horse has scratches tonight. I’ve been reading about different treatments, but thought I should ask around (you, my vet) about the best treatment before starting something. I have also read that you should clip the

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White Line Disease

I am looking at a horse to buy that has white line disease. He was diagnosed 4 yrs ago. They have kept pads on him and kept him in a dry place. If I purchased him I would keep him

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Are coat enhancers safe to show on?

I have a black horse whose coat has bleached out a bit and he will be showing within the next two months. I know most coat-darkening supplements carry paprika which is a banned item for showing purposes…my question is two-fold:

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Laminitis Can Strike All Breeds of Horses!

Please help me understand what laminitis (founder) is! It was devastating to watch a beautiful horse like Barbaro succumb to this disease last year, and frustrating to know that the best care in the world couldn’t prevent it. Didn’t Secretariat,

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