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Bring Things Into Balance

Challenge #8 Difficulty: Easy Perfect for: All horses Discover the critical nutrient that can benefit all horses! Open up any health or fitness magazine, and you’re bound to find at least one article singing the praises of omega 3 fatty

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Serve It Up Right

Challenge #7 Difficulty: Medium Prep work: Find your horse’s feed bag Your horse’s diet is the foundation of his health and well-being, but many horses are coming up short in four key areas of nutrition. This year, make sure your

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Break Up With Your Buckets

If you’re looking for a satisfying, stress-free relationship with supplements, you’re never going to find it with buckets. Read these riders’ bucket break-up stories to find out why they’re so happy to have found SmartPaks—and then go break up with

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Challenge #6 Difficulty: Medium Time to complete: 1 year “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb Healthy hooves are grown one day at a time Just like

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Find Inner Peace for You and Your Horse

Challenge #5 Difficulty: Hard (but we’re here to help) What you’ll need: Patience Think back to when you first started riding — the barn was a joyful place and every ride ended with a kiss on the muzzle. But as

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Beat Ulcers

If your horse has been diagnosed with gastric ulcers, talk with your veterinarian about starting him on this 3-step plan to stop ulcers and keep his stomach healthy and happy. Challenge #4 Difficulty: Medium Homework: Talk with your vet 1.

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Face The Facts: Understanding joint health and supplements

Challenge #3 Difficulty: Medium Your horse can benefit from joint support Often times, horse owners don’t think about their horse’s joints until there’s a problem. But when it comes to joint health, waiting until there’s a problem may be too

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Test Yourself On Horse Digestion

Challenge #2 Difficulty: Medium How much do you really know about your horse’s digestive health? Take our quiz to find out! How many hours per day do horses need to spend grazing to meet their nutritional needs? 7 9 17

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Take A Stand Against Horse Colic

Challenge #1 Difficulty: Easy Time to complete: 5 minutes! Protect yourself and your horse with $7500 of colic surgery reimbursement Many day-to-day barn events—like changes in hay or grain—are proven to increase a horse’s risk of colic. The American Association

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Announcing the 2014 Horse Health Challenge

At SmartPak, we’re on a mission to change the world, four hooves at time. Our dream is to make horses healthier and happier from coast to coast by inspiring smart riders to take action. But it’s not something we can

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