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Customer Care: Part-Time Customer Care Representative

When most people say “work hard, play hard,” they don’t mean at the same time. But we’re not most people. We’re a little more awesome than that, and we’re willing to bet that you are too. At SmartPak, we’re serious

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Surviving the Spring Sillies

spring sillies

I think we are all more than a little excited to be embracing the shining sun and slightly warmer weather that has been approaching. After many months of cold toes and muzzles, blanketing decisions, and furry horses, we are all

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SmartPak Goes West: Dressage in Los Angeles

Dressage Ring

To wrap up the month of February, the SmartPak mobile store set up shop at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center for the California Dreaming Productions Mid-Winter CDI. We are so excited about our new partnership with California Dreaming Productions (CDP)

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I Don’t Collect Blue Ribbons

Riding at Fairbanks (where I boarded in College)

I don’t collect blue ribbons because I’m not a competitive rider. While I attended a handful of schooling shows in my teens, showing never had an appeal for me. I’ve always been an animal lover and I fell in love

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The Top 5 Things Your SmartPak Customer Care Team Wants You to Know


#1 We’re Riders, Too! We understand your horse-obsessed, dirt-under-the-fingernails, I’ll-be-home-soon-I’m-just-stopping-by-the-barn-quick life. OTTBs? We’ve got ‘em! Warmbloods? We’ve got ‘em! Morgans, Arabs, Quarter Horses, and Chincoteague Ponies? We’ve got ‘em! So there’s no question too big or too small for us

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Moving Home Again


Who would have thought that I would be moving home again?! Well, I guess I’m not exactly moving home, but Lucy has. I decided it was best to move home for a while to save money for upcoming adventures this

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A Good Yawn Goes a Long Way

pic 5

It’s true, a good yawn really can go a long way! Let me explain: I started showing my last equine partner, Faith Hill, back in 2003 at Intro Level Test A and B at a local dressage schooling show. Back

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Fear, Courage & Redemption


When people ask me what I do with my horses, I typically start with my riding horses. I say something like, “I have two Arabians, one who is semi-retired following a tendon injury, and one that I actively ride and

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It’s Not Hoof Care, It’s Horse Care


We often talk or hear talk about the idea of “no hoof, no horse” and the importance of regular hoof care and maintenance. But what constitutes maintenance, and more importantly, why is maintenance so important? We asked our Hoof Health

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The SmartPak Mobile Store Could Be Coming to You!


We’re excited to announce that our new mobile store is visiting California! Stop by to: – Get a FREE supplement consultation from one of our supplement experts – Try a sample of our SmartCalm Ultra or SmartDigest Ultra Paste –

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#FarrierFriday: Jeremy Lucas

Jeremy Lucas_10

Have you heard? Farriers are raving about SmartHoof! Find out how this farrier uses SmartHoof Circulate Pellets together with regular maintenance to keep his client’s horse’s hooves in tip-top shape. Jeremy Lucas Minerva, OH “I wanted to send some feedback

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4 Hidden Health Challenges to Watch Out for This Winter


As we all know, winter poses many challenges for riders and their horses. But while you may be painfully aware of some winter woes (like how to stay warm at the barn), there are a number of hidden challenges that

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4 Ways to Make Winter Riding More Fun


This past weekend marked two sad events: the coldest temperatures we’ve experienced all winter and the departure of some of my fellow boarders’ horses for Florida. There’s nothing sadder than telling your barn mates, “Bye, have fun in Florida!” when

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Dressing for Cold Weather: A SmartPaker’s Tips for Staying Warm

jno winter snow

SmartPak is based in Plymouth, MA and the vast majority of our employees live here. While New England was lucky to have a warm fall and a relatively mild early winter, the temps here in Massachusetts hit single digits this

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A Day in the Life of a Dressage Show Scribe


“Needs steadier connection” = 6.5 “Straight on center line, square and secure halt” = 8.0 “Could have better bend and balance” = 7.0 With exciting and interesting language like that awaiting my penmanship, I could hardly wait for the alarm

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