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3 Tips for Staying Relaxed and Confident


When I younger, I struggled with a common problem that many riders face after taking a fall – losing my nerve. While I’ve gained a lot of my confidence back since then, being worried that my horse is going to

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How to Prepare Your Senior Horse for Winter


Help your senior start winter off right by making sure he’s at a healthy weight this fall. Experts recommend that senior horses get two physical exams each year, so your horse’s fall physical is a great time to ask your

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Peek in our Tack Trunks: Sarah G.


Throughout my years of riding, leasing and fostering, I’ve managed to gather a rather large collection of horsey-stuff. I’m learning what I love and what I can do without. Here are a few things that Gabe and I can’t live

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My Favorite Western Products Under $25

karen and macy

As a western rider, I’m constantly checking the new products section of our website and it always makes my week when the newest version of the SmartPak Western catalog shows up at my desk! I’m excited to share some of

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Blankets 101

Headline - Copy

Types of Blankets We’re going to start with the basics of blanket types: the difference between a “sheet” and a “blanket” and the difference between “turnout” and “stable” sheets and blankets. A sheet is the lightest piece of apparel in

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The Skinny on Hard Keepers

hands no callout

If you’ve been around horses long enough, you’ve probably known a “hard keeper” or two. The term “hard keeper” refers to horses who struggle to maintain enough fat cover and/or healthy muscle tone. These horses can benefit from extra care

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#FarrierFriday: Josh Cusack and SmartHoof Ultra

Josh Cusack

Have you heard? Farriers are raving about SmartHoof! Find out how this farrier uses SmartHoof Circulate Pellets together with regular maintenance to keep his client’s horse’s hooves in tip-top shape. Josh Cusack Elizabeth, PA “I’ve been shoeing a Quarter Horse

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To blanket or not to blanket?

To blanket or not to blanket

We’re going to start with the blanketing basics: whether or not to blanket your horse in the first place. Like most things in the horse world, the short answer to this age-old debate is that it depends. Every horse is

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How to Train Your Equine-Turned-Dragon: A Stall Rest Saga


SmartPaker Jenna shares the story of her horse Hershey’s stall rest saga: For equestrians the phrase “stall rest” is about as horrifyingly vague as “tax audit” or “temporarily out of stock“. Knowing my active and easily-bored gelding, it sounded like

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Peek in our Paks – Eden B.


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the animals we adore. This Month’s Pick SmartPaker: Eden Department: Customer Care Name: Toy Story (“Woody”) Discipline: Hunter/Jumper

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There is no off-season for your horse’s health

no off-season

Even if you’re taking the winter off, your horse’s body systems are still on the clock. The weather is cooling off, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your horse’s supplement program should, too. While there are some types of supplements that

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Healthy Joints: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

healthy joints 2

The number of joint supplements available can make choosing the right one for your horse a challenge. Luckily, with knowledge of how the key ingredients in joint supplements work, along with an understanding of your horse’s workload, finding the right

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5 Ways to Make Your Barn Manager’s Life Easier


I currently board my mare at a full board facility, and with a full-time job I am very fortunate for that! However, I have also had the opportunity to be in many different boarding situations, including rough board and co-op

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You’re Never Too Old to be a Barn Rat

Sara R 3

When the weekend arrives and I have two whole glorious days to spend in Barn Rat mode, I get all giddy inside! I instantly fall back into the routine I developed over 20 years ago when I was first given

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Use This, Not That

Use this not that header

Snail mail vs. email. Pay phones vs. cell phones. Going to the bank vs. online banking. There are countless examples of small changes that can make a big difference in our lives. But for some reason, the barn is usually

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