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#TBT – Summer Camp Memories

The summer before my sophomore year of college is one I’ll never forget. My last “hurrah” summer before stepping away from the barn rat life, and entering the wonderful world of internships and offices to begin my designer career. I

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The Senior Rider Survival Guide

We often hear of the challenges of senior horses, but very little is heard of the challenges that senior riders face. It is said that “age is just a number,” but when I begrudgingly turned 50 last year, I started

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Returning to Riding and Finding My Dream Horse: Part 1

I can’t believe I actually thought I was done riding and content to live vicariously through my daughter and her horse when I retired my 25-year-old Morgan gelding. My daughter didn’t believe it, my friends did not believe it, my

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How to Make Pony Popsicles

Summer is here and after a long winter, the heat is a welcome visitor! But what do you do when summer rages on and you just can’t seem to beat the heat? With no lakes or ponds nearby for swimming,

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Adventures of the SmartPak Mobile Store: July

Things have been heating up here in Southern California! In the beginning of July, the mobile store attended the Southern CA Reined Cow Horse Association in Temecula, CA. This was primarily a reining and cutting show, which was so much

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SmartPak Gone Wild: My Week as a Montana Cowgirl

I’m sure I looked like quite the city mouse, rolling up to Swan Mountain Outfitters’ base camp in full English regalia. Myself, along with seven other guests and two guides, were preparing to embark upon a five-day pack trip in

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Back in the ring (or just outside of it): Adventures of a first-time Show (horse) Mom

Part 1 – Getting Back to the Ring As a kid, I was no stranger to the show ring. The cycles of wash, shine, prep, hurry, and wait were normal parts of being a part of the horse world. Life

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Baby Horse’s First Horse Show Road Trip

My baby horse, Loki, recently turned four! And becoming a big boy horse means having to do big boy things, like traveling to his first away horse show. For our first show, we picked a low-key show that we thought

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Finley’s #ROOTD

With the hot summer weather in full force, I try to keep Finley looking cool in his sharp teal and black ROOTD! Plymouth Elite Dressage Bridle and Plymouth Web Reins by SmartPak I purchased this bridle for Finley when I

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Nemo’s First Jumper Show

Something that I’ve always loved about riding, is that you can never stop learning as a rider, and teaching your horse new things. I grew up riding hunter jumper, and then dressage in college, and found my horse Nemo just

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What’s in Newman’s Journal?

I get a lot of questions about Newman’s Journal, like: what kinds of things do I record in it, how often do I write stuff down, what do I do with the information I record, and so on. I’ve been

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The Rider’s Inner Monologue: Vet Check Day

Today’s the day. It’s been six months of stall rest due to a tendon injury and today is judgement day after endless hours of hand-walking, icing, and wrapping. You’re nervous, you’re sweating, you’re looking at your breakfast like it’s something

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To: Our Farriers, Love: the Horses of SmartPak

In honor of National Farriers Week, we asked our horses to share why they love their farriers! See what the horses of SmartPak had to say, and then share your farrier shout-out here in the comments or on our Facebook,

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A Day in the Life of Isaac

Hi, my name is Issac, I am an 8-year-old Collie who comes to work with my Auntie Jess every day. My mom Rachel works in the Returns Department at SmartPak and dogs can’t go into the warehouse, so I hang

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Dreams Do Come True

The last time I had been to Saratoga Springs, NY was in April of 1999, as a horse show groom. It was about this time that I was figuring out that as much as I loved working with horses, I

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