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The Importance of Down Time

Sometimes we can all use a vacation, and as I recently learned, that can go for our horses too! Over the past few months, my mare Luna has been acting uncharacteristically grumpy and spooky. While she has always been a

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Meet Miss Dixie Sophia

Dixie Sophia (known as just Dixie for short) is my rescued senior Belgian Malinois mix who’s been with me quite some time. Like any fur-mom I always want to be sure I’m doing everything I can for her to make

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Adventures of the SmartPak Mobile Store: March

Since my last blog, the SmartPak Mobile Store has been on the move! We wrapped up HITS down in Thermal, CA with a bang. HITS is a huge 8-week long hunter/jumper event that we have intermittently been attending. We attended

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Top Tips for Hosting A Horse Show

I am fortunate enough to own a small farm and recently starting hosting horse shows. There are a lot of things that go into running a horse show, and with each show we run, we learn how we can make

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A Tale of the Tail

As horse owners, we all have so many fun stories to tell about our horses. Maybe it’s the time your childhood horse jumped out of the jumping ring, or a great trail ride, or some quality time practicing ground work

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Winter Riding Adventures

Winter riding in New England normally brings chilly, unpredictable weather, and potentially some lulls in riding due to regular, unpredictable winter storms. I’m super lucky, and my barn has an indoor, so I’m able to ride Nemo year round. Most

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8 Simple Steps to Freestyle Bronze

My Goal for the 2017 Competition Year – A USDF Bronze Bar for achievement in Freestyle Dressage! Now that Newman and I have earned our United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Bronze Medal for scores at First, Second, and Third Level,

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From Arena to Arena: The Disciplines I’ve Tackled

It is not uncommon for a rider to dabble into different disciplines throughout their equestrian lives, just as is not also not uncommon for a rider to stick with the same riding style. I have been fortunate enough to try

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Lessons from the Lesson Kids

I’ve never had any intention of being a trainer. I’ve always joked that I’m better with small animals than I am with small humans. So, imagine my surprise when I find myself with a my very own group of what

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SmartPaker Picks: My Favorite New Products

As a longtime SmartPak employee, I am fortunate to get to see so many new, unique and innovative products- by far the hardest part is not buying them all! Below I’ve put together a few of my favorite new products

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When It’s Just Too Cold to Ride

As a resident New Englander, we are a pretty hardy bunch, and with the good fortune of having an indoor arena, I usually find myself riding in most of the winter weather, including snow and ice. But my horse has

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Picking Color Schemes for Your Hunter

I’ve been lucky enough that my two horses, Indy and Loki, are gray and black, so pretty much any color would look good on them. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t need a signature color! Growing up, my childhood

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Winter Riding Essentials for Active Seniors

Cold winters are a struggle for every horse and rider but they can be particularly hard on our aging four-legged friends. Comet is my 20-year-old Quarter Horse gelding who I have owned for 18 years now. We have done everything

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8 Tips & Tricks for Making Life Easier at the Farm During Winter

We are now officially in winter! As a follow up to 10 Ways to Prep for Winter (check it out here) , here are a few tips, tricks, and reiterations for things we do to make chore life on the

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Changing Needs Means Changing Supplements

When I first got my horse Sasha back in 2013, the first thing I ordered for her was her SmartPaks. At the time she was six-going-on-seven and we were spending our time focusing on flatwork and working over small jumps

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