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Making a Comeback in the Show Ring: A How-To Guide for Success

Woody Jump

It’s been a while since Woody and I have stepped foot in the show ring. Two years, to be exact! Though we’ve never been very active on the show circuit, I competed him in local hunter and jumper shows while

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Bing’s Big Debut

Bing Show

In the latest adventures of Bing, my 5-year-old OTTB, we attended our very first show together at the end of May! Bing was fantastic. I’m talking blow my mind, I can’t believe he was that good, fantastic. This schooling show

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Birthdays are Made for Cake


Recently, my horse Riker celebrated his 23rd birthday. Now I have to admit, in the nearly 20 years I’ve owned him, I’ve never made a huge deal about birthdays. In fact, I’ve occasionally forgotten to celebrate the day. This year,

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Minimizing the Saddle Shopping Woes


Saddle shopping – to a novice it sounds like fun, but it puts fear into the hearts of all who have undertaken it before. Does it fit me? Does it fit my horse? Will my horse change shape? Does my

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Why I Don’t Ride Alone

Growing up, my mom would always tell me to never ride alone. She would worry when I was at the barn all by myself, especially when I was riding horses other than my own. I never really took her warnings

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Being Progressive: Setting Goals If You Don’t Compete


I was sitting at work when I was struck by this BFO (blinding flash of the obvious): goal setting is an important part of planning for the year in the office, and working toward specific goals is in part what

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Getting Chandler Back Into Shape After a Winter Off


Unlike some of the more fortunate riders out there, I do not have an indoor ring. That means that Chandler and I ride either very sparingly or not at all during the winter months. That means that all of the

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All Green at the John Greenall Clinic


While the steady rain may have dampened spring pastures, it sure didn’t dampen the spirits of the hearty drivers and auditors who attended the HUB Club’s 2016 annual clinic held April 29 – May 1 at Theresa Adams’ farm in

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My Trailering Essentials


One of the joys of having a horse is the ability to take adventures off property. Whether you’re going to a friend’s farm, a clinic, a show, or just a day at the beach, you have the freedom for you

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#TBT – My Worst Fall

Buster Blog 2

There’s no denying it – I have the world’s worst memory. If I don’t write it down, then it didn’t happen (which is why I have schedules all over my house and to-do lists a mile long). However, one thing

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What to Do When The Human Goes on Stall Rest


All riders understand the pain and frustration of having to put their horses on stall rest. There’s nothing we hate more than seeing our best friends stuck in their stall recovering instead of having fun in turnout and in the

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Managing the Feed Room


As a barn manager, it’s a big job to manage your clients’ horses and keeping up with all the changes that horse owners are constantly throwing your way. Let’s face it, between keeping up with the property, managing exercise schedules,

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Group Shot 2011

I recently celebrated a work milestone – 10 years working at SmartPak. It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since I started. It feels like a lifetime and five minutes all at the same time. Life before SmartPak happened

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Nemo’s First Dressage Clinic

Nemo Clinic 11

I found my horse Nemo just shy of 5 years ago. I always laugh when I tell the story of how I found him, as it was completely unplanned. At the time, my childhood horse was beginning to retire, and

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#TBT – That Time My Horse Jumped Out of the Arena

rikerarena gate

Like many riders, I have numerous favorite horse show memories, but there is one that stands out clearly as both the most humorous and the most memorable. It was August 1996, and my horse Riker and I were competing in

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