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Stuff Riders Spook At…

We get you, because we are you, and we know that around every turn at the barn lies something terrifying…but usually only if you’re a horse person/rider. For this video, we asked the riders at SmartPak two questions: 1) What

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Thank you, farriers! – National Farriers Week 2016

Let’s face it – your hoof care professional is an invaluable member of your horse’s health team. While we hope you show your gratitude for your farrier all year long, National Farriers Week is the perfect time to give an

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A Tail of Woe: SmartPaker Kent and the Fake Tail Bag

Hopefully by now, you’ve seen (or at least heard of) our hilarious Ask a Non-Rider series of videos. For those of you who haven’t, I’ll explain it as succinctly as I can…we put some of the non-riders who work at

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Ask a Non-Rider: Sleazy Sleepwear, Part 1

SmartPak is a company full of riders, but believe it or not, there are some non-riders who work here. So we wondered what would happen if we asked them to explain some of the products we carry. We were NOT

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Stuff Riders Say to Non-Riders

Ever been to the barn with a non-rider? Ever tried to have a conversation about your horse with someone who’s never been around horses before? Yeah? We have, too. And it never seems to go well. So we decided to

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Stuff Riders Say on Christmas

We know our non-riding friends and family try, but we only have so many places to display horse statues. Don’t let this happen to you – remind your friends and family that a SmartPak Gift Card is a gift that

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SmartPak Wishlist – SmartPaker Jessica

    Create your own Wishlist at! Need ideas for what to get your loved ones this holiday season? Or do you need ideas of what to tell others to get for you? Then check out our Wishlists! And

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You work hard to support your passion. All that stress adds up, but the moment you pull up to the barn, it all melts away. That’s why we work hard to make your escape even easier, giving you more time

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If horses were people – OUTTAKES!

As much as you love “If horses were people”, not all of the Sara(h)’s acting skills are…perfect. Find that hard to believe? You shouldn’t…there are plenty of bloopers and outtakes from all of our videos, but especially “If horses were

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Riding is more than a sport. It’s beyond an attitude, and larger than a lifestyle. It’s who you are, so here’s to the fearless kid in you. Have a great ride!

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Stuff Riders Say – Farriers Edition

At SmartPak, we have a saying — “we get you because we are you.” We’ve got riders of every age, from every discipline, from all across the country who’ve come together with one goal — supporting healthy horses and happy

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If Horses Were People

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Pak Across the Pond – Dressage is #1

Have you heard? Dressage is #1! To spread the word, Sarah and Colby set off across London with Sarah decked out in a life-size foam-finger costume to let everyone know that dressage is indeed #1 – but check out some of the people they meet on their journey!

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The Dressage Finger

Let this serve as a cautionary tale – don’t be caught waving around the wrong “dressage finger.” Get your “Dressage is #1” Foam Finger at SmartPak today:

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The SmartPakers Have Gone Bananas

We’re currently testing out three varieties of the new banana flavor we’ll be adding to our lineup of Cantering Chef horse treats. Our horses are taste-testing them this weekend, but Bjorn decided to get in on the fun, too. Enjoy!

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