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Meet Gillian and Royal Jester

Success Profile: Royal Jester
Breed: Thoroughbred
Age: 24
Discipline: Dressage
Owner: Gillian Abrams

Jester loves three things in life: peppermints, sleeping in, and a good workout. I’ve never met a horse who loves to move more than mine, especially at his age. When I tell people he’s just turned 24, most don’t believe me, and sometimes I can barely believe it myself! Jester always gives me his all, and I want to give him extra support by giving him a supplement. Even though he’s 24, he’s still actively competing, so I didn’t think he needed a senior supplement. I chose SmartFlex III Resilience Pellets because it provides comprehensive joint, tendon, and ligament support for hardworking horses like him. Ever since he’s been on the supplement, I’ve been happy with how quickly he warms up and the way he floats around the ring like a young horse.

*Ms. Abram’s story was written about the original SmartFlex III Resilience Pellets formula

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