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Pak’s Picks for a Happy Horse Show with Your Dog


It’s 4 AM, your gear is cleaned and packed like Tetris in the gooseneck, the horses are wrapped and loaded in the trailer, and your dog is already warming your seat in the truck. It’s horse show time and everyone seems to know it…

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Canine Oral Health: Kiss that Bad Breath Goodbye


My dog’s breath is really bad, is there anything I can do to help? My vet suggested I schedule a dental, even though his teeth aren’t that bad, but I’m nervous to sedate him for such a quick procedure. LC, Massachusetts

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Meet Rachael and Jacob


I have had Jacob since he was a puppy. He has always had really dry, flaky skin, and had trouble growing hair. I used fish oil capsules for a few years and switched him to a high quality food, but this did not help his skin condition. Finally, 1 year ago I started him on SmartCanine Skin & Coat. I chose this because I have had great experience with SmartSupplements for my horse and really have grown to trust them…

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From Fat to Fit: Feeding the Overweight Dog


If my dog is overweight, how do I determine if he should be on a weight-loss food or if cutting the current food is best? SM, North Carolina

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Peek in Our Paks – Jessica N.


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ and dogs’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the animals we adore.

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Meet Katherine and Strata


Strata and I compete at the highest level of AKC agility competition and spend many of our weekends traveling to trials across the northeast. Canine SmartPaks make life easier when feeding Strata away from home. Instead of packing baggies of supplements right before a trial, I just keep a couple of Canine SmartPaks in my travel bag. It’s one less thing for me to worry about!

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Meet Jamey and Angus


Since Cortez is doing so well on his SmartPaks, I decided to try my dog, Angus, on your canine PortionPaks. After reading your pamphlet, I wanted to get him on a better quality food and the LiveSmart line looked like a great choice. We just received our order and he loved it the minute he saw “his” order arrive.

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When Does My Dog Need Senior Food?


When should I switch my adult dog to senior food and which senior food is the best? I’m especially concerned about the different protein levels in the two foods. – SG Dear SG, We’ve all heard that dogs age seven

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Introducing Your 4-Legged Friends


Dogs and horses, horses and dogs…they just go together, right? But what happens if your dog doesn’t love (or at least respect) your horse? Or if your horse sees your furry best friend as a scary predator and gets all

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Is Horse Dewormer Safe for Dogs?


Hello, I was told by a Jack Russell Terrier breeder that it would be ok to give my Jack Russel Terrier Liqui-Care P. for worms. I know this stuff is for horses. Is this ok or not? Thank you! –

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Meet Robert and Sir Lance


Name: Sir Lance Gender: Male Breed: Yellow Labrador Age: 5 Owner: Robert Davis My name is Robert Davis; a disabled veteran (U.S.M.C. – retired) confined to a wheelchair and fortunate enough to have a highly specialized Trained Canine Assistant, Sir

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Are Horse Treats Safe for Dogs?


I’ve noticed that a couple of barn dogs like to eat HoofSnax or FlaxSnax if they are left within reach. I’ve wondered if the biotin in the HoofSnax would hurt the dogs in any way. Also I’ve noticed that the

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Joint Support Isn’t Just for Your Horse


When you feed your horse his daily joint supplement, you feel good knowing that you’re supporting healthy recovery from the daily wear and tear that come with training; but have you ever thought about your other four-legged friend? Your dog’s

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The New Approach to Canine Cuisine


You’ve committed to being smarter about how you feed and care for your horse, but what about your other four-legged friend?

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Separation Anxiety

My dog gets really wound up when I leave in the morning for work. And he’s even more excited when I get home in the evening, jumping up on me and barking. Now I’m seeing marks on the doors like

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