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Supplementing Chronic Conditions in the Senior Horse

What supplements are prudent–and not overzealous nor likely to interact adversely–for a 20-yr old, still showing (dressage), gelding with these four chronic conditions: Equine Cushings (endogenous ACTH=75, starting peroglide this month, no textbook symptoms, new diagnosis) Hock arthritis (IA injections,

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Diet Considerations for Horses with Cushing’s

I have a 22-yr-old Morgan gelding with Cushing’s, being well managed with daily Pergolide. Slightly arthritic hips. He gets 1/2 and 1/2 Equine Senior and Buckeye Senior with Buckeye Ultimate Finish added, in a mash with H2O and corn oil,

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Optimal Cosequin Maintenance Doses

My 23 year old gelding has been on Cosequin for approximately 10 years for documented pastern arthritis. He has also been diagnosed with “Cushings” for which he receives Pergolide. I have 2 questions regarding Cosequin: First, is there evidence that

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Keeping Weight on Horses Through Winter

” I have a paint horse that is 30 years old and he has lost weight and is looking bad despite being on feeding supplements. Is there any one particular supplement that will help him gain weight?…”

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Hoof Abscesses and White Line Disease

My 12 year old mare has had 3 abscesses of the hoof in the last year. The vet noted on her most recent episode that “she has lots of separation of the white line of all 4 feet and I feel this is where the abscesses are coming from”.

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From AAEP’s Ask the Vet: Feeding the Cushing’s horse

“Hello, I have a Cushing’s mare who is really sweet, she isn’t too bad yet but definitely has it. She isn’t on Pergolide yet, I will probably put her on it in a few years, depending on her condition. I don’t know what to feed her, she is slightly overweight, but it’s more of the muscle wasting so she looks like she is overweight. I don’t know if I should feed her a high protein/low fat or a high fat/ low protein diet…”

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Pony Gaining Weight – What Do I Feed My Pony?

Hello. I have a large pony that is Insulin Resistant. He foundered 3 years ago – August and come to find out he’s Insulin Resistant but not Cushings. Because I caught it so quickly we were able to “cure” him and to this day he is SOUND! He hardly rotated. I noticed he was getting QUITE fat and saw a beautiful cresty neck (to which I thought I was training him SO well, and that’s why he had such a beautiful neck!) He is on a VERY strict diet – beet pulp, cinnamon, rice bran, vitamin E and salt…

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Does Your Overweight Horse Need to Lose A Few Pounds?

I have acquired an overweight horse that needs to lose approximately 150 pounds. I plan to feed him mixed and grass hay with minimal to no grain. Because of this I feel he needs a vitamin/mineral supplement to make up for any deficiencies due to hay quality. Any suggestions? L.S.

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Is Your Senior Getting Leaner?

Could feed/treats cause a horse’s sides to sink in? Like, right where the quarters and the stifle are sinks in. Is this normal? She’s an older horse, I didn’t know if it had to do with age or too many treats or just too much sugar? – Thanks, Savannah

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Supplements and the Foundered Horse

Have you found any supplement that actually seems to help foundered horses? -Jan Dear Jan, Founder (chronic laminitis) can be caused by so many different things it’s hard to make a blanket recommendation. Are you asking how to prevent it

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Does this diet have too much protein for an older horse with Cushing’s?

I am writing for advice on my 26-year-old Arabian gelding. His body score condition is currently about a six. He has Cushing’s (receiving 1 mg Pergolide daily) and he also receives Cosequin joint supplement daily. He has been treated empirically

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Understanding Equine Metabolic Disorders Webinar

Understanding Equine Metabolic Disorders (Presented live on June 8, 2011) Have an easy keeper or horse prone to founder? Join us for a discussion of the differences between Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Cushing’s Disease, and learn how you can help

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Supplement for Cushing’s Horse

My 23 yr old QH mare was diagnosed today with Cushing’s. I am starting her on Pergolide ASAP. Can you please advise me about the diet I should provide? Rice bran pellets (Vitabran) and alfalfa was my plan. I had also just put her on glucosamine as a preventative measure. Should I hold off on that until we stabilize the Cushing’s? Or do you recommend Cetyl-M for horses as a daily joint supplement?

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“What’s up with my supplement?”

The other night I was on the phone with a friend (Debbie) — basically trying to talk her down. Her horse has mild Cushings. She moved him to a new barn, and over time he was starting to go downhill.

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How Can I Help My Pony Regain His Vibrant Sheen?

Our older pony has taken a long time to shed her winter coat. It has lost the vibrant sheen it once had. How can I help?

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