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Attitude Dos and Don’ts


A lot of what you get out of your horse starts with what’s going on in your head. You know that your horse can sense your anxiety, but have you ever thought about your attitude? Stay positive in the saddle with these helpful hints – both you and your horse will be glad you did!

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Two Sides of the Same Coin


Healthy digestion fuels your horse’s performance. If you can’t make heads or tails of gastric and digestive supplements, and just thinking about them gives you an ulcer, we can help!

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Bits + Pieces


You probably know the difference between a full cheek and a D-ring, but what about an Uxeter Kimberwicke? We’ve explained a few unusual options and a bit about leverage (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!).

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The Top 10 Things Your Vet Wants You to Know


We asked our staff veterinarian, Dr. Lydia Gray, for a list of the top ten things your vet wants you to know, but doesn’t always have time to tell you.

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3 Reasons to Feed Omega 3s


Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids support many vital functions in your horse’s body. You need to feed both to keep your horse healthy, but it’s important to maintain a proper balance.

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Meet Meg, Aimee and Obsession


Name: Obsession (“Orion”) Gender: Gelding Breed: Dutch Warmblood Age: 15 Discipline: Hunter/Jumper Owners: Meg and Aimee Boyer I have owned Orion for nine years, and he has always been an enthusiastic eater, to say the least. But last spring, things

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Meet Jennifer and Bachelor #2


Name: Bachelor #2 (“Otto”) Gender: Gelding Breed: Hanoverian Age: 15 Discipline: Hunters Owners: Jennifer Porter Otto was imported from Germany in 2000 when I purchased him to be my partner in the Adult Amateur Hunters. For the first few years,

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Meet Sue and Tinsel Town


Name: Tinsel Town (“Linus”) Gender: Gelding Breed: Thoroughbred Age: 6 Discipline: Hunters Owners: Sue Simon I purchased Linus shortly after he came off the track. Like many OTTBs, he was lean and a little anxious. After giving him some time

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Meet Libby and Hot Rockin Potential


Name: Hot Rockin Potential (“Sonny”) Gender: Gelding Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 6 Discipline: Western All Around Owners: Libby Ridner I’ve owned Sonny for two years now. Together my trainer, Whitney Lagace, I’ve brought him along in trail, horsemanship, and western

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Meet Danica and Cody’s Cutee

Meet Danica and Cody's Cutee

Name: Cody’s Cutee Gender: Mare Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 4 Discipline: Western and English Owner: Danica Norred Cutee has always suffered in the summer when insect bites would cause her skin to become inflamed and irritated. We tried everything to

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Meet Elaine, Aspen and Major Distraction


Name: Major Distraction (Fidget) Gender: Gelding Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 9 Discipline: Hunter/Jumper Owners: Elaine and Aspen Holeman Fidget’s hooves used to crack and chip constantly. His hoof growth was so slow, it took forever for the damaged wall to

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Meet Kimberly and Junior


Name: Junior Gender: Gelding Breed: Trakehner Age: 7 Discipline: Jumper Owner: Kimberly Lynn I’ve owned Junior since he was a baby. As he was growing up, we noticed that his right front hoof was not as healthy as it should

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Soundness Exam


You’ve browsed our Supplement & Horse Care Guides, talked to your vet and Googled ‘glucosamine.’ But how much do you really know about joint supplements? Put your joint savvy to the test and find out if you could be smarter

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Adored in All Arenas


If you want to shop with confidence, head to Not only do we test every product on our own horses, we’ve got over 45,000 product reviews written by horse owners just like you. Check out these top picks, broken

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Meet Kelly and Hotrods Are Tempting


Name: Hotrods Are Tempting Age: 4 Gender: Gelding Breed: Quarter Horse Discipline: Western Pleasure & Western All-Around Owner: Kelly Lange Hotrod tends to be a worrier, and he used to spook very easily. He would get tense and was inattentive

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