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Meet Robin and Keeper


“When I found Keeper, her feet were shelly and broken, had to be held together with acrylic, and she lost shoes on a weekly basis. My farrier suggested that I put her on SmartHoof Pellets to complement his efforts…”

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Healthy Hooves 360: Expert Hoof Care Advice from Farrier Danvers Child, CJF


Strong, healthy hooves are the foundation for a strong, healthy horse. But how do you make sure your horse’s hooves in tip-top shape? Join us for a FREE webinar with expert farrier Danvers Child, CJF, for a comprehensive look at hoof heath, covering everything from hoof dynamics and anatomy, to trimming and shoeing, to hoof growth and maintenance.

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Meet Kellie and Beamer


“I purchased my beautiful sorrel show mule, Call Me the Fireman, aka Beamer, in February of 2010. We are on our 3rd show season together and have already won many Championships and All Around Performance Titles in English, Western, and Halter classes. Beamer is an amazing guy…”

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Peek in Our Paks – Kristen L.


“My journey with horses started when I was 9 years old. My grandma gave me a lesson for Christmas and as they say, the rest is history! I started in the hunter/jumper ring and then transitioned into the eventing world…”

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Meet Eileen and Monte


“Monte used to have a lot of trouble holding his shoes. The farrier called his feet “shelly”, as they cracked around the nail holes and constantly chipped. I hadn’t had him long at the time and I was concerned about keeping him shod and sound…”

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Meet Kristen and Spice It Up – 2012 Update


Spice used to be high strung in unfamiliar situations, acting tense and spooky at horse shows. After starting SmartCalm, Kristen noticed that Spice was much more relaxed, and showing was much more enjoyable for both of them!

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Peek in Our Paks – Kerri V.


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ and dogs’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the animals we adore.

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Meet Sarah and Remi


When I purchased Remi, he had recently been body clipped, leaving him with a very dull and dry coat. He also had dry, brittle, cracked hooves. I quickly put him on SmartShine and SmartHoof.

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Meet Jamey and Cortez


When I bought my horse over two years ago, my trainer and I both realized he was a project. He came to me underweight, with a dull coat. Also, his feet were cracked and breaking and I wasn’t sure we would ever manage to keep shoes on him.

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Meet Cathy, Mack & Slew


Name: Mack & Slew Gender: Geldings Breed: Trakehner & Anglo-Arab Age: 14 & 11 Discipline: Pleasure Owners: Cathy Putnam Mack has always had chronically weak feet and he was always losing shoes. We were lucky if he went four weeks

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Meet Elaine, Aspen and Major Distraction


Name: Major Distraction (Fidget) Gender: Gelding Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 9 Discipline: Hunter/Jumper Owners: Elaine and Aspen Holeman Fidget’s hooves used to crack and chip constantly. His hoof growth was so slow, it took forever for the damaged wall to

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Meet Kimberly and Junior


Name: Junior Gender: Gelding Breed: Trakehner Age: 7 Discipline: Jumper Owner: Kimberly Lynn I’ve owned Junior since he was a baby. As he was growing up, we noticed that his right front hoof was not as healthy as it should

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Meet Brooke and Denali


Name: Storm City Slew (“Denali”) Breed: Thoroughbred Discipline: Dressage Gender: Mare Age: 7 Owner: Brooke Lyle Freeburg SmartFlex RepairWe bought Denali at an auction, and gave her a few months off to just be a horse. She started into dressage

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Meet Laura and Panache


Name: Panache Breed: Selle Francais Discipline: Hunters Gender: Mare Age: 8 Owner: Laura Maynard SmartPaksI finally decided to switch to the SmartPak system because I was tired of buying various buckets of supplements at varying frequencies. Cosequin Equine PowderI knew

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Smarter Solutions: Hoof Health


Ever feel like you spend more time searching the field for yet another lost shoe than you do in the saddle? (Seriously, what does he do, bury them? How could it be gone?!)

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