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Joint Support Isn’t Just for Your Horse


When you feed your horse his daily joint supplement, you feel good knowing that you’re supporting healthy recovery from the daily wear and tear that come with training; but have you ever thought about your other four-legged friend? Your dog’s

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The Absorption of Oral Joint Supplements


Have read a lot about joint supplements and I think the real truth is that none of that glucosamine or chondroitin even gets through the intestines and to the joints. When a horse gets better it is just all that

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Soundness Exam


You’ve browsed our Supplement & Horse Care Guides, talked to your vet and Googled ‘glucosamine.’ But how much do you really know about joint supplements? Put your joint savvy to the test and find out if you could be smarter

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Meet Melanie & Joker


Name: Joker Gender: Gelding Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 18 Discipline: Barrel Racing Owners: Melanie McGee Four years ago, Joker’s hocks were so sore, he nearly had to retire from barrel racing. My vet recommended supporting his joints with a supplement,

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Meet Betty, Maggie & Buckingham Princess


Name: Buckingham Princess (Lia) Gender: Mare Breed: Thoroughbred Age: 7 Discipline: Hunter/Jumper Owners: Betty and Maggie Shapiro My daughter Maggie and her Thoroughbred mare, Lia, are quite the team. They have been together over two years, and have made so

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Meet Claudia and Quatro


With the rigorous demands of high level competition at his age, Quatro’s SmartPaks are critical to his success. When deciding what supplements to give him, we looked at what SmartPak offered for the ultimate joint and connective tissue support.

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Meet Brooke and Denali


Name: Storm City Slew (“Denali”) Breed: Thoroughbred Discipline: Dressage Gender: Mare Age: 7 Owner: Brooke Lyle Freeburg SmartFlex RepairWe bought Denali at an auction, and gave her a few months off to just be a horse. She started into dressage

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Meet Emily and Victory Dance


Name: Victory Dance (“Vic”) Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse Discipline: Eventing Gender: Gelding Age: 14 Owner: Emily Reed Vic and I have evented for years, through Preliminary level. For many of those years, we were spending almost every other weekend doing

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Meet Jess and Jimmy Choo


My horse, Jimmy Choo, had surgery as part of the treatment plan for the OCD that had developed in his fetlocks.

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Peek in Our Paks – Ashley


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the horses we adore…

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Meet Deborah, Melinda and Jack


About a year and a half ago, Jack started having some pretty serious soundness issues resulting from a variety of problems that all centered around his feet. It had gotten to the point where he was so uncomfortable, he was having a hard time getting around in the field.

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Choosing the Right Joint Supplement for Your Senior Horse


I’m trying to find a joint supplement for a senior horse. Most have similar ingredients but it seems you have to choose whether you want something with collagen, cetylated fatty acids, or hyaluronic acid.

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Meet Sergio and Hollywood Cielo “Gallo”


Gallo is a great horse, but he is getting older and I have noticed that he is not the ‘free moving’ horse that he used to be. I tried a lot of supplements before I found SmartPak.

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Q&A with a Supplement Expert


We sat down with resident supplement nerd (and Director of Supplement Marketing), Jessica Normand to get the inside scoop on SmartSupplements™.

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Peek in Our Paks – Renee


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the horses we adore. Meet this month’s pick, Renee from our Merchandising Team.

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