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Meet Robin and Sunny


Success Profile: Sunny Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 8 Discipline: All-Around Owner: Robin Hartle Ward I started Sunny on SmartDigest Ultra and right off the bat I was sold on the SmartSupplements brand. I also wanted Sunny to get support for

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Meet Lani and Palladium


Success Profile: Palladium Breed: Westfalen Warmblood Age: 17 Discipline: Hunter/Jumper Owner: Lani Sutherland When Palladium came home from his last lease as an equitation horse, we did a thorough evaluation of his needs with his vet, chiropractor, farrier, and trainer.

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Meet John, Jill and Briggs Show Horses


Success Profile: Briggs Show Horses Trainers: John and Jill Briggs At Briggs Show Horses, we like to support our horses’ joint health early. We start our younger horses on SmartFlex I Maintenance Pellets to help maintain healthy joints from the

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Meet Ashleigh and Tensas


Name: Tensas Breed: Thoroughbred Age: 4 Discipline: Hunter/Jumper Owner: Ashleigh Humphrey I rescued Tensas from a local Thoroughbred rescue association in Louisiana when he was two years old. His coat used to get bleached in the sun and turn red

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Meet Kate and Beckett


Name: Beckett Breed: Thoroughbred Age: 7 Discipline: Eventing Owner: Kate Fegan Like many Thoroughbreds, Beckett is very thin-skinned. Last spring and summer when every horse was being tormented by bugs, he took it to the extreme. He was miserable being

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Meet Victoria and Gerrit


Name: Gerrit Age: 10 Breed: Friesian Discipline: Dressage Owner: Victoria Myer My horse Gerrit has always suffered terribly from bug bites, getting big welts on his neck and shoulders. I tried several brands of fly spray, none of which lasted

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Meet Catherine and Pacific Cowboy


Breed: Paint Age: 15 Discipline: Western and English All-Around Owner: Catherine von Hagen My family has had to move Cowboy several times in the past few years. After our last move, he became very herd bound at horse shows. If

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Meet Lisa and Mocha


Name: Mocha Breed: Quarter Horse cross Age: 18 Discipline: Hunter/Jumper Owner: Lisa Savage We bought Mocha for my daughter Emily when she was nine years old. She will never, ever receive a better Christmas gift! Early on, we noticed that

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Meet Cynthia and Half A Cookie ‘Cookie’


Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 13 Discipline: All-Around Owner: Cynthia Chotkowski Cookie is a great partner and a fantastic teacher, but he would sometimes lose focus in the show ring. I decided to try SmartCalm Pellets and since he has started

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Meet Kaitlyn, Louie and Ginger


Louie has always had terrible feet. His hooves were soft and he lost shoes on a regular basis. I’ve tried a lot of hoof supplements and SmartHoof is by far the best and the most cost-effective formula I’ve found. My farrier and I have both been really pleased with the quality of his hooves since we started using SmartHoof. In fact, I love the entire SmartSupplements line because the formulas are economical and high quality.

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Meet Amanda and Hollywood


A year ago I moved Hollywood from North Dakota to Texas. After the move, I noticed that he was starting to get welts and bug bites everywhere and his eyes were goopy and irritated. The barn was putting on fly spray, but it didn’t seem to be helping. Poor Hollywood was so miserable and uncomfortable that I knew that I had to do something. I went to SmartPak’s website and ordered SmartBug-Off after reading about the different supplements available.

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Meet Patricia, Sahara and Missy


Success Profile: Sahara and Missy Ages: 15 and 13 Breeds: Tennessee Walking Horses Owner: Patricia Lisciak Discipline: Pleasure Sahara is a real bug magnet—poor thing! We’re originally from New Jersey and when we moved down to Florida, Sahara had terrible

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Meet Rebecca and Bourbon-On-Snow


2013 Update: At 26 years old, Bourbon is still on SmartControl IR and still going strong! Although I don’t ride him anymore, I love to watch him trot and canter around the pasture. Thanks to a solid management program developed with my vet (including supplementing with SmartControl IR), he hasn’t had any founder flare ups and his quality of life is great.

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Meet Julie and Kasey


Breed: Chocolate Lab Age: 10 Owner: Julie Keefer A couple of months ago, Kasey suddenly stopped jumping on the bed and the couch and was moving stiffly in general. Her favorite thing to do is to sleep upside down on

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Meet Trish and Jack


My horse Jack was a typical off the track Thoroughbred – tense, nervous and tight-backed. I started him on SmartCalm and noticed a dramatic difference in his behavior.

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