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Can you spot the secret stresses?


This scene might look picture perfect, but things aren’t always what they seem. The fact is, no matter how pampered a horse is, there are aspects of modern horsekeeping that are at odds with the way he was designed to live. These conflicts can take a troublesome toll, causing a range of problems from digestive upset to compromised immunity and even a affecting your horse’s soundness and performance…

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Keeping Weight on Horses Through Winter


” I have a paint horse that is 30 years old and he has lost weight and is looking bad despite being on feeding supplements. Is there any one particular supplement that will help him gain weight?…”

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Peek in Our Paks – Kaitlin T.


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the animals we adore.

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Too Hot? Too Cold? How to Find Just Right.


Would your horse pass the Goldilocks test? If it feels like you’re riding a powder keg or a drowsy slug, the right supplements might help!

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More Muscle or Weight?


Weight gain supplements and muscle supplements are both designed to help your horse optimize his body
condition, but they work in very different ways. Not sure which one your horse needs? Read on!

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The 360 Approach


While small changes can help, a full-spectrum program is the best way to tackle your horse’s health challenges.

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Meet Kerrigan and Ide’s Pride (“Seary”)


“Seary was a typical skinny off -the-track Thoroughbred. Before we discovered SmartGain 4, we tried four other weight gain supplements, none of which worked…”

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Meet Deborah and CC


“I came to own CC after he had been through a trailering accident that left him shaken up but fortunately with no major injuries. When CC came to my farm I turned him out in the pasture with my two other geldings. It wasn’t long before he started showing signs of the stress and life changes he had been through, losing a significant amount of weight and body condition…”

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Meet Amanda and Ali


“Ali is an off the track thoroughbred who I adopted from a local rescue in the summer of 2011. When I first got her, she had the gangly build of a young filly with little muscling and tone…”

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The Hard Keeper: How to Put Weight on Safely and Sanely


I have a nine year old Thoroughbred. He’s a super hard keeper. Prone to be a bit anxious, although not a ‘hot’ horse at all. I’m looking for a good weight gainer supplement that will help him build muscle for

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Meet Nancy and Jiffy


Jiffy will turn 30 in 2011. I’ve owned him since birth, and he’s always been an easy keeper, but last winter was particularly difficult for him. He lost a lot of weight even though his feed hadn’t changed…

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Beat the Winter Blues


A long winter can take its toll on your horse in a number of ways. Luckily, supplements can help him with everything from keeping weight on to focusing in the ring (even when cool temps make him forget his manners).

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