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Farewell Teddy O'Connor

By Colby, V.P. Web Marketing


Farewell Teddy… we will all miss you.

Sadly, the horse world lost eventing super-pony Theodore O’Connor as the result of a tragic barn accident last week. He was an incredible creature, standing just over 14.1 hands, he had the stride, scope and presence of a much larger horse. Not only did this incredible pony manage to compete at the highest levels in eventing (the only holder of a permanent pony card ever to do so), but he was incredibly successful, being named USEF Horse of the Year in 2007. Teddy had two top six finishes at the Rolex CCI**** in 2007 and 2008 and won both an individual and team gold medal at the Pan Am games last year…an incredible feat for any horse, nonetheless a pony who started his eventing career at the age of seven.

I was fortunate enough to see Teddy run around Rolex the past two years and it was truly something to be seen. Teddy had hordes of followers rushing from one cross-country jump to the next just trying to catch a glimpse of the diminutive phenom as he effortlessly cleared those massive jumps. I have never seen such a reaction to any equine athlete and think that it is because Teddy’s story and his success speak to the heart of every little girl who entertained dreams of taking her pony to the highest levels of the sport.


Because Teddy “happened” all things seem possible with the horses in our lives. It is only too bad that the world didn’t get to see that little guy win gold at the Olympics. My heart goes out to the O’Connors and everyone involved in bringing Teddy to the world stage. What you experienced last week is every horse owner’s worst nightmare and it makes us all realize how fragile these grand animals really are. Theodore O’Connor made an enormous hoofprint on the horse world and will certainly be missed…the best we can do is to hug our horse(s) and not be afraid to dream of goals that seem impossible…

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