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Meet Codee and Axal from Fall River Mills, CA

This is my senior project, a 2008 Paint gelding named “Axal”. Classified as “Colt Starting”, my project consisted of taking Axal from being an unruly yearling and turning him into a nice riding horse. I had a wonderful mentor that helped both Axal and I grow. Axal had tons of ground preparation before I ever thought of riding him, and so far he doesn’t buck. I was even able to take him out bareback on his 8th ride, even though he wasn’t worked the day before and he was perfect! He scored major points with me and has become part of my family. I think he found his second and last home! Most of the time I just have to use my voice and seat to ask him to go, but sometimes he needs extra encouragement! I showed him last year in yearling classes and look forward to showing him under saddle this year at OPHA. Axal is my wonderful loving boy that helped me grow as a horsewomen and also wiggled his way into my heart!

Axal’s SmartPak has helped him grow into the big boy he should be. He is on Source, which my mother and I swear by for issues like feet, dull coat, digestive issues, etc. We also use E-Se-Mag because we have selenium deficiency where I live. Last but not least he is on Quitt, to help him stop chewing his shelter down (which made him cough). We have had success, he chews and coughs less!

Having researched equine nutrition, compared ingredients and prices, I decided to use SmartPak because they had the best options and offered the auto-ship program. When I thought about the cost of over-scooping supplements and spilling buckets, I realized SmarkPaks would be worth it, and they are. I am very happy with my decision! When I need to change my order, add another supplement to a horse’s SmartPak or supplies to my order, I receive the best service from SmartPak’s friendly representatives. SmarkPak is now my main supplier for my horse needs! Thank you SmartPak!!

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2 comments on “Meet Codee and Axal from Fall River Mills, CA
  1. Cassandra says:

    Awesome story from a talented young lady! I really enjoyed reading her story of success with SmartPak, and would be willing to try this product for my future horses.

  2. Charene says:

    Who would have known that putting the little newborn on the back of a horse would have started all this???… You have grown up into quite a young lady, as well as horsewoman, and a writer. Enjoyed reading your success story. I know you have done a lot of research for your horses’ development. Glad you have found a product that meets their needs.

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