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A Medals Prediction from Boyd Martin

“How fast can you get to the statue of Bruce Davidson?”

“40 seconds”

“I’ll beat you there”.

It’s hard to beat Boyd for always being available to his eventing fans and taking things in stride. Things like a rock solid, clean World Equestrian Games cross-country course on the eve of Sunday show jumping with hardly a rail to lose. So when I asked him to tell us all about cross-country and looking forward to Sunday he was there to do it. In less than 40 seconds, to be exact.

Q. So Boyd, tell us a bit about what happened today.

A.We did a bit of cross country riding, and I was lucky enough to be one of the American riders that had a great, clear round on Neville Bardos.

Q. Tell us about the course. Anything stand out as very difficult or just a joy to ride?

A. It was a big course, a long course. The biggest trouble I had was trying to keep my horse settled and not trying to take over and thinking he was in a race! But he kept his head, stayed relaxed and did a great job.

Q. As a team, how are you feeling?

A. I think we are looking all right. At the moment it’s a very close race between four countries – England, America in second, then Canada and the Kiwis [New Zealand] in 4th. It’s really all within a rail or two of each other so it’s really going to come down to [show jumping].

Q. Any stand-out performances from today?

A. It was a very exciting and interesting day. Obviously the dressage placings have changed a lot after cross country. The German team was a bit unlucky, you could say, at the end of the course. I think Michael Jung rode beautifully and he’ll win the gold as an individual tomorrow.

Q. Tell me a little bit about caring for Neville. Are there any supplements that you use that are specific to him?

A. Yeah, I think I’ve got him a little too healthy at the moment! He’s really full of life. He gets the best Nutrina food, I feed him the Legacy which is supposed to be meant for dressage horses and I’ve also got him on all the SmartPak supplements and you can really see a horse that’s happy and healthy and almost too good.

Q. What are you going to be thinking going into show jumping tomorrow with Neville?

A. Trying to get to one side of the jump to the other without knocking anything over.

Right then, I think that sounds like an excellent strategy for the American Team. Shall we text Captain Mark Phillips with the plan? Well, hopefully Boyd will make the suggestion. Keep your fingers crossed for a successful execution of Boyd’s plan and sit tight to see if his gold medal prediction comes true.

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