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Cross-Country Course Walk with Bruce Davison, Allison Springer, Amy Tryon, and Kiwi Joe Meyers

The crowds for the Professional Riders Organization cross-country course walk with Bruce Davidson, Allison Springer, Kiwi Joe Meyers, and Amy Tryon were what one might call, let’s say, enormous. See that teeming mass of eventing fans below? Right, that’s roughly half of the crowd that gathered to hear what these eventing legends, leaders, and stars had to say!

We listened with rapt attention…

As our favorite eventers explained these World Equestrian Games cross-country combinations. My favorite quote of the day came from Bruce Davidson: ”You should be steering with your legs to get on your line. If you’re steering with your hands….Good luck.”

Despite the huge crowd the course walk was efficient. Eventers are an active bunch and marched all over the vast course.

Even bitsy eventing fans.

WEG riders were also walking simultaneously. This looks like the best way to find your distance in the water, as well as cool off in the hot sun. If the course hadn’t been roped off we might have gone for a group swim.

Another Woodland friend and eventing fan.

Aren’t they sweet? This was the perfect approach to a sunny and breezy Fall afternoon in Kentucky. We’ll need all the rest we can get before cross-country starts tomorrow and we’re walking over hill and dale to catch all the action!

Hey, I'm Courtney and I write Three Days Three Ways: your vip ticket to go behind the eventing scenes. Meet your favorite Advanced Rider, find out if they’re single (fingers crossed!), get tips from top grooms, or learn what makes the sport tick.

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