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Dressage Day One Recap

Two US riders rode today. Boyd went first at 10:32 and Buck at 3 o’clock. Boyd warmed up really well and looked fantastic, better than he’s ever looked. He went into ring and as soon as the announcer said that Boyd was riding for the US the crowd started clapping while he went around the arena. Neville thought this was awesome and got a little crazy. Usually when he starts going crazy there’s no turning back. Boyd said after the bell went off and Neville got fired up he had 17 seconds to get into the ring. He said he thought, “I have 17 seconds to calm him down!” Luckily the audience noticed so quieted down. Boyd did one circle at the trot then cantered into the ring. I’m biased but he was amazing. Neville was hot as hot could be but you couldn’t see that. He’s not the biggest mover and we always struggle with that a little. Neville was really trying hard. His canter work was beautiful. The walk hurt him a little; he got a 6 for the extended walk and a 5 for his collected walk since he got a little hot. The half passes were beautiful and they kept it together to the last halt. They got a personal best score of 49 which is very exciting!

(photo by Josh Walker)

Buck looked wonderful in the warm up. Reggie went into the ring looking relaxed and calm and Buck looked confident. They had a good first halt then went for it in the extended trot. Reggie is a beautiful mover and all the trot work was very nice. They had a little wobble in the collected walk before the pirouette since he got a little hot, that hurt him a little. The Half passes and soulder ins were very nice. They got high scores for a relaxed and calm walk. All the changes were very nice as well as the half pass. They did an amazing job and scored a 47. So far we have two American riders in the 40′s which is a good start! [Ed. note: you can read more about Buck’s performance in yesterday’s post Buck Davidson and Ballynoecastle perform at WEGs Dressage Day One.]

(photo by Josh Walker)

[Ed. note: To learn about our newest Team SmartPak rider Silva Martin, read our contributor spotlight at]

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