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11 Ways to Show Your Horse You Love Him

Personalized Canvas Tote Bag
(87 reviews)
1. Show the world how much you love your horse. Have his show name or his nickname embroidered on a jacket, tote or saddle pad. Popular choices include: Personalized Fleece Lined Nylon Jacket ($49.95), Personalized Canvas Tote Bag (from $19.95) and SmartPak Baby Pads ($10.95).

2. Perhaps the only thing that says “I love you” more than a treat is one that’s shaped like a heart! Harvest Hearts ($7.95, pictured above) smell just like fresh-baked muffins, but don’t require any time in the kitchen. Best of all, they’re made with the natural goodness of wholesome baked grains, so you can feed them by the handful, guilt-free!

Wellfleet Double Raised Padded Halter by SmartPak
(27 reviews)
3. Your horse has to wear his halter every day, so why not make sure it’s a halter you’ll both love? The long-lasting and luxurious Wellfleet Double Raised Padded Halter ($99.95) offers unsurpassed style, comfort and durability

4. Keep your horse feeling as good as he looks – book an appointment with a masseuse, chiropractor acupuncture specialist.

5. Make every ride even more enjoyable! Use a Mattes Half Pad with Rear Trim ($150.95) for the ultimate in comfort, for you and your horse.

6. Fresh, clean and tasty! Flavored Bit Wipes ($12.95) keep your bits clean and make them taste like apples or mints!

The Cantering Chef Bran Mash
(41 reviews)
7. Make his dinner extra special! Mix up some Cantering Chef Bran Mash ($9.95) for a warm and tasty treat!

8. It’s a treat! It’s a toy! No, it’s the Jolly Stall Snack with Apple Ball ($34.95)! This two-in-one boredom buster offers a sweet treat and endless entertainment. Plus you can replace the Stall Snack with Likit Refills ($5.95) in nine fun flavors.

9. Make treatments a treat! Trickee Treats ($9.95) disguise the flavor of dewormers or oral medications. We tested these fun, fill-able treats on our own horses and they LOVED them!

SmartPink® & SmartBlue® Snuggle Neck Stable Blanket - Seconds
(31 reviews)
10. Though you would probably like to, you can’t spend every minute of every day hugging your horse. But you can come close. The SmartBlue Snuggle Neck Stable Blanket ($99.95) has a soft fleece neck that wraps your horse in cozy comfort. Also available in SmartPinnk!

11. Give him a bath and then let him roll immediately in the shavings.

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