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Greetings from Aiken!

We have had a wonderful start to our time in Aiken!

I am so thrilled with the great improvements I have seen in my horses so far this year.

Jack and I have really started a whole new relationship with one another. He used to be quite a strong ride for me, but he has matured so well in his time off and is much more respectful. He is a beautiful and powerful horse that wants to get it right. I am excited to move him back up to Intermediate this coming weekend at Pine Top.

Burger, as always, brings a smile to my face! He too seems to always be smiling and enjoying life – especially when he’s jumping. We are still trying to bring the same joy to his dressage work, he tries really hard, but if his life had a bumper sticker, it would say: “I’d Rather be Jumping.”

Arthur is his wonderful and kind self. He too keeps, thankfully, growing up every year. He gets to do his first competition at Pine Top next week. I know he will be so pleased to be braided (beauty treatments are on his favorite list), as he has been very jealous of the other horses going to the shows and not him.

Gus has been such a welcome addition to the barn. He is incredibly athletic and his work ethic is the best in the barn. Every day and every moment of his training he is looking for the right answer. I have huge hopes for this horse… now if only we can get some more weight and muscle on this tall lanky guy!

Clifton Damascus was sold to a really super girl in Arizona named Alistair. We all had so much fun getting to know her and her father, Lou. Best of luck to Damascus and Alistair!

Clifton Housemaster has been competing and training well. He is super sweet and fun and would be a great horse for someone!! Check out my sales page about him.

In the barn, my new groom, Grace Quinn, has successfully filled the very big shoes of Sarah Williams (my old groom). She has the greatest personality and a work ethic very similar to Gus. She is yet to have the Lorry driving lesson, soon to happen, but she did learn to drive stick specifically for this job!!!

We have been joined by our new working student Kelly Pugh. Kelly is from California and has come to the East coast with the goal of doing her first CCI3* this spring at Bromont. She has an enormously talented mare that has the same life bumper sticker as Burger… “I’d Rather be Jumping!” We joke that her mare is Burger’s soul mate in that they are both freckle heads that are insanely good jumpers, but not so convinced by the dressage. I am certain I will be able to help her a lot as I feel like my Masters is in hot horses!!

Galina, our current working student, will be heading onto her next chapter on Tuesday. I wish the very best of luck and thank her for all her hard work. Hopefully she will get some of her writing (which is her big dream) published someday soon!

On the social side of things… I have had the joy of living with my parents this month. They always rent a house in Aiken for February and in the past I felt like I didn’t get to see them enough with my busy schedule. Now I get to see them everyday, and Bodie gets his Grammy’s cooking. Bodie is definitely NOT looking like his fit self these days and I know his meals have something to do with it!

I haven’t golfed yet, but I have bowled! A bunch of eventers compete in a bowling tournament on Monday nights. Andrew Chippendale, Kurt Martin, Aimee Bohlman and myself made a great team. It was hysterical! We started out amazing and then plummeted a bit at the end. There has also been some great karaoke going on. Great by my standards, although I think I give everyone else a headache with my singing! I put a lot of heart into it. Good song selection is crucial. Sometimes I don’t choose well!! I think I’ll keep my day job!

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