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The New Approach to Canine Cuisine

1. Not all kibble is created equal

While most kibble does look very similar, the quality of the ingredients is all over the map. Check the label on your dog’s food — if there are by-products or unspecified “meat” or “animal” sources, or if a quality protein (chicken, lamb, beef, etc) isn’t listed among the first ingredients, you’re likely dealing with a poor quality food.

If you do nothing else, upgrading your kibble is the best decision you can make for your best friend. Consider switching to a food that includes wholesome ingredients, like real chicken, lamb or beef. Customer favorites include LiveSmart Lamb and Brown Rice (from $22.95) and Wellness Super5Mix Complete Health Chicken Recipe (from $29.95).

2. Powered by protein

LiveSmart™ Hearty Salmon Stew
(23 reviews)
LiveSmart™ Hearty Chicken Stew
(103 reviews)
Most commercial dog foods are formulated for maximum human convenience — not for optimal canine health. Dogs have no dietary requirement for carbohydrates. However carbs like corn and wheat are much cheaper sources of energy than animal protein, so they are often the main ingredient in kibble, even though they have a lower nutritional value. In addition to being less expensive to make, kibble is easy to store, sell and feed, making it extremely profitable for manufacturers.

But healthier options are easier than ever! Consider replacing some of your dog’s kibble with a minimally processed source of human-grade protein, like the chicken or salmon found in LiveSmart Hearty Chicken Stew (from $24.95) and LiveSmart Hearty Salmon Stew (from $32.95). These handy single-serve pouches can be stored in your pantry, just like kibble.

3. A whole lot better

LiveSmart™ Harvest Mix

(70 reviews)
Broccoli alone has been shown to contain over dozens of valuable nutrients and phytochemicals. We are just beginning to understand how these whole foods out- perform the vitamin premixes manufacturers include in “fortified” dog foods. For an easy way to boost the nutritional value of your dog’s meal, add a scoop of LiveSmart Harvest Mix ($14.95) into every bowl. These freeze dried fruits and veggies are nutritious and delicious!

4. Supplements aren’t just for horses!

Did you know that canine supplements cover more than just joints? From anxiety to immunity and bad breath to sensitive stomachs, there are high quality supplements for all of your dog’s needs. Visit or call our experts today to learn how supplements can help keep your dog happier and healthier.

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