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Last Dressage Show in the Sunny South!

We had our last dressage show this weekend at Southern Comfort in Aiken, SC. All my horses were very good, but I have to say, they are getting tired. This has been a long winter for them, especially the young ones. They need a break!


Faye Woolf’s Aesthete finished second in third level, test 2 on Saturday.
Constantina RRS (CeCe, pictured at top and above) finished third in training 2 on Saturday and fifth on training 3 on Sunday. My little star Rosa won both her classes at third level; she is growing up so fast I can’t believe it.


Duvent was awesome! I am so happy that he is getting better every time I take him out. He is a fantastic horse and he is getting more and more relaxed about the show atmosphere. He won third 3 on Saturday with 71%.

I am also so happy to say that Jeff the Chef is back! Jeff had a little injury and had been enjoying a vacation for a while. I brought him back and rode him in his first Grand Prix in a while on Saturday. We both need to get back into things a bit better, so we made mistakes, but I am happy we went and did the Grand Prix and now we have to work hard to get better at it again. We did not have much competition so we still won!

Jeff the Chef W

I am also very proud of my student Kymmy Pullen. Kymmy and her horse Wiedermark came to me for weekly lessons about 6 or 7 month ago.

After a few months we decided it would be the best if Kymmy and Markie came to Aiken with me for some very consistent training. Kymmy is very lucky that she has her wonderful parents Scott and Carol Ann Pullen who support her as much as they can. Kymmy and Markie were showing in first and second level when we started. Now after the intensive time training in Aiken she has been winning third level in Wellington and this weekend we moved up to fourth level and she won both classes! I am very proud of them both!

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