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Meet Robert and Sir Lance

Name: Sir Lance
Gender: Male
Breed: Yellow Labrador
Age: 5
Owner: Robert Davis

My name is Robert Davis; a disabled veteran (U.S.M.C. – retired) confined to a wheelchair and fortunate enough to have a highly specialized Trained Canine Assistant, Sir Lance. One of the first things I noticed about my new canine was he was full of energy, and like any new partnership, expected treats for everything that he did. He began gaining weight very easily and quickly. I felt that if he was going to be with me the rest of our lives that I better get his weight under control and not allow it to get away from us.

A friend of mine suggested I give SmartPak a call. I called and was very fortunate to get a representative who was willing to answer all my questions. We agreed that my lab should go on a pre-packaged meal so that I didn’t have to do a lot of measuring, We also talked about the exercise program that I was going to set up (a treadmill!), and the amount of pulling that he would be doing for me. It only seemed right that we get him on a joint supplement, SmartCanine Joint Ultra, to help those young joints become strong.

The plan was as follows; LiveSmart Harvest Mix, which has freeze-dried seasonal fruits and vegetables, LiveSmart Hearty Stew, which has hand-carved chicken in pumpkin soup, LiveSmart Chicken and Brown Rice Weight Management Adult Formula.

LiveSmart™ Harvest Mix

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LiveSmart™ Hearty Chicken Stew
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SmartCanine™ Joint Ultra

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Sir Lance is a very, very fast eater so his food is placed in an anti-bloat bowl which is to slow him down from inhaling his food. It has all helped! The bottom line is if you want a healthy companion, you’ve got to feed it right. I’m happy to say that with PortionPaks, stew, veggies, SmartCanine Digestion, Joint Ultra, and the other great things that I have received from SmartPak, Sir Lance has become a healthy canine! He used to have 90+ pounds on him, and to this day his weight ranges from 69 to 73 pounds! In mid Aug. he will be five years old, and we’re looking forward to many more years together. Sir Lance is far more than just a dog; he is my companion, my guardian, my worker, my aid and makes my life much easier to cope with. We both want to thank SmartPak for coming into our lives!

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SmartCanine™ Digestion

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Check out Sir Lance’s Facebook Page!

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