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Barn of the Month – Salt Creek Stables

Salt Creek Stables, Tampa, FL
Submitted by Linnette Whitcher, Boarder

Salt Creek Stables is a hunter/jumper facility in Tampa, FL. The wonderful staff at Salt Creek work so hard to make our horses feel loved! Our stable is brand new, around a year old, built on a vacant piece of overgrown land “from the ground up.”

The facility’s owner put a lot of time and energy into researching ways to make the barn a green facility, as well as a comfortable place for the horses. They compost all the stall waste, use solar energy where they can, and built using recycled materials where possible.

The stalls have stall mattresses made from recycled rubber which gives the horses a surface to stand on that mimics pasture. Each stall also has a ceiling fan for maximum ventilation, and they are oversized so the horses have plenty of room to move around. The ceiling is insulated to help with the Florida heat, and there are cross breezeways for air movement.

Our barn is a huge supporter of Smartpak. Our entire barn uses your products, from stall drapes and tack trunk covers to supplements, riding clothes, tack, saddle pads, and our team barn jackets. We had a couple of horses with injuries and we believe your SmartPaks played an important part in helping them make a full recovery. They are all back to work and doing well now!

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