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Judge My Ride Premium Evaluations – Kendall Bogese and Radiant Sky

Kendall Bogese and Radiant Sky—October 14, 2011

From: Judge Rob Gage

I watched this round 3 times Kendall. I thought it was an unusual course. You don’t see too many hunter courses incorporate two triple lines!

I liked your opening circle, and how you just fell into the canter smoothly from the trot to the canter. Your eye was good, although I though you were a bit short to the final jump of the first triple line. But honestly, I think that is more of an error on the part of the course designer. I mean, you jumped into the line perfectly, and your pacing seemed quite accurate, so…..if you jump part A & B well, (you did) then part C should be set so you get there perfectly as well.

This was a hunter class, so I thought your body position was a little too upright…reminiscent of an eq class to me. Your break over motion was somewhat abrupt. You start too upright, then, you over exaggerate your break over motion and almost touch your chin to his mane at the apex of the arc. That’s just too much distance for your body to cover smoothly. You need to start your motion with your torso already slightly tilted forward, they stop your body’s motion when your chest gets to about 3-4 inches above his mane.

I thought your horse jumped beautifully. I know there are some old fashioned horsemen who feel that all hunters should wear standing martingales, just for “the look”. I’m not one of them. If your horse goes well without a martingale……then why wear one?? Just practice on yourself for a while. Try some bounce jumps. That will help teach your not to over break with your body. If your horse is quiet enough at home, you can also go through some easy grids with “no hands”…..but, you must have a very quiet horse.

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One comment on “Judge My Ride Premium Evaluations – Kendall Bogese and Radiant Sky
  1. Kendall says:

    I thought this was an interesting course as well and yes the first triple rode funny. It was a fairly forward two to a backward four, so yes it was snug. I agree totally about my upper body but just six weeks after a csection my core strength was minimal! We have been working lots of bounces at home and Im gradually getting my strength back. Thanks so much for your comments!

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