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Barn of the Month – The Southlands Foundation

The Southlands Foundation, Rhinebeck, NY
Submitted by Zsa Bataille, Barn Manager
13 Horses on SmartPaks

The Southlands Foundation is a unique, non-profit school of horsemanship that encompasses nearly 200 acres overlooking the Hudson River in Rhinebeck, New York. The mission of The Southlands Foundation is to provide a historical and agrarian connection to the community, and cultivate a respect and love for the land and its animals through education, conservation and outdoor recreation.

Started by the late Deborah Dows in the 1930’s, her aim was to utilize horsemanship as a means to teach all ages respect and love for the land and its animals. It was through this dedication to teaching students horsemanship and knowledge and love of the land that she built strong character, leadership, responsibility and confidence in her students.

Not only does TSF provide sound, qualified instruction, but also a glimpse at how horses thrive in their natural, intended environment. Members of TSF do more than take lessons; they share the privilege of stewardship of our noble horses. From the initial introductory lesson through our unique progression of riding levels, our aim is to impart a complete understanding of the horse.

Southlands conducts a full range of equestrian activities on site including a hunter/jumper schooling show series, dressage shows, specialized clinics with nationally and internationally recognized instructors, as well as summer programs and on-going after school programs. We also travel to off-site shows at the local and “A” Circuit level.

With a school horse population of over 20 and a large number of boarder horses, using SmartPaks has dramatically aided to the efficiency of our overall program. We always know that our horses are getting exactly the right amount of what they need. Thank you, SmartPak!

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