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Barn of the Month – Four Winds Farm

Four Winds Farm, North Oxford, MA
Owner/Trainer: Jamie Blash-Arseneault
Instructor: Caitlin O’Neill
Submitted by Cathy Ann Savino-Kedzierski, Boarder

“What can you say about a barn that is more like a home to boarders than just a place to shelter a horse? If you were to pose such a question to me, I would happily tell you all about a wonderful Hunter/Jumper barn, Four Winds Farm, in North Oxford, MA. When I arrived for a tour of Four Winds, it was evident that this was a top-notch facility, the horses were fit and happy, the barn and stalls were clean, the people were friendly to me and with one another and the amenities were plentiful!

My tour guides, the Owner/Trainer/Instructor, Jamie Arsenault and Instructor, Caitlin O’Neill focused on me and were attentive to my questions. It was only several minutes into my tour, when I began to feel as if we belonged there and even more surprising, I felt as if I already knew these two warm, personable women! Since I was completely at ease, I knew that I had discovered a permanent home for my horse and I.

In addition to Jamie’s equine expertise, which spans many years and includes competing herself and with her students in the various show circuits, she also assists her Dad with his Standardbred racing stable. As such, it is evident that this energetic young woman truly loves her life with horses. When my Thoroughbred, Valie, and I arrived to begin our boarding experience, almost 2 years ago, my first impressions became a reality! This is a professionally run family farm that spreads the attention to everyone and every horse in caring, equal parts and…it shows!

Since so many boarders here at FWF utilize SmartPaks and the Barn Saver Shipping program, it makes our lives one step easier! As for my Thoroughbred, Valie, he thrives on Ultra-Elite Digest and we’ve recently added SmartFlex I Maintenance! Moreover, since this is my first experience having direct-to-the-barn delivery of his supplements, I’m thrilled that I never again have to worry about receiving at-home shipments. Now, like magic, Valie’s SmartPaks arrive on time, right to the barn’s doorstep and…all of us FWF Team Members agree that this is the “only” way to be assured that our horses will never have to miss a day of getting “supplemented”!

Valie’s Before SmartPak picture

Valie’s After SmartPak pictureRead Valie’s blog where you can then view the strikingly horrific “before” photo and then the “happy ending after” photos. Read how his life began, how we became partners and where we are at this point in time. Valie’s now-excellent condition has been achieved, over the years, by various SmartPak supplements.”


Caitlin and Gus

Caitlin, Instructor:
“I’ve been a devoted SmartPak customer for many years and have completely outfitted myself for showing and schooling by visiting the Natick store! The convenience of one-stop shopping, the fair pricing, the vast selection of brand names and the great customer service keeps me coming back for more! As for Gus’s good health, it wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for Source Micro Nuggets and TractGard. I was able to easily choose these supplements by consulting SmartPak’s online product information, an area of the website that gives clear, concise information and explains the benefits in layman’s terms. Thanks SmartPak!”

Haley, Boarder:
“The SmartPak supplement system is so convenient! When Epoch was on so many different supplements, feeding time became stress-free and since they always came right on time, you could count on never missing a day! My favorite supplement is SmartShine because you could see a huge difference in Epoch’s coat from the first summer I owned him to the second, he was a completely different horse! I’m going to start putting Marco on SmartShine because I’ve had such good luck with it and since he has such a beautiful coat already, I want to preserve it!”

Haley and Epoch

“I purchased my first pair of Ariat Monacos from SmartPak about 2 years ago, rode in them only for shows and then one day the zipper broke. I was crushed because the boots were broken in perfectly and they were as soft as butter! So, we brought them to the store and with the service we received from such easy-going and great sales assistants, a brand new pair of boots were rushed to me at no cost! As of today, I’ve ridden in the boots three times, one being a show day and I am so pleased!”
Haley and Marco
“Marco was dressed in a SmartBlue sheet to be trailered to a recent show and even before leaving our own property, he was getting a million compliments! Furthermore, when we arrived at the show grounds and were walking him around, people could not take their eyes off of him! I seriously have never heard so many people say that a sheet that simple appears so beautiful on a stunning jet black horse! I was thrilled that my time of grooming and caring for him, and then taking appropriate actions by sheeting him for the journey, brought such wonderful compliments!”

Cathy, Boarder:
“My Brittany Romeo, a pointing breed hunting dog, was always a hard charging, game bird hunter! He and I had many memorable early morning hunts until this year, at 10 years old, he landed wrong after a leap and tore his cruciate ligament! He was immediately lame and would not put any pressure on his left hind; so, off we went to what was the beginning of several vets for varying opinions. The general consensus was that although it seemed to be a mild tear, he needed surgery but something told me to try a less invasive method before putting my 10, almost 11 year old, canine under anesthesia. After an exhaustive internet research session, I quickly turned back to SmartPak because I had so much luck with supplements for my horse and…I was not disappointed! I consulted the information regarding all the canine joint formulas and decided upon Advanced Cetyl M Joint and well, the rest of the story is “magical”! We started with a loading dose and then went to maintenance and within 30 days, he was no longer limping and when I finally took him off exercise restriction, he was running without pain and without coming up lame afterwards! I know that a ligament tear is very different than a basic joint issue but apparently, Cetyl M gave his joints such a boost that he is now supporting the mild ligament tear on his own so….thanks SmartPak, yet again, for helping my horse and dog lead full, active lives! And as an aside, we didn’t make hunting season this year, but I’m positive my “bird crazy” Brittany and I will be “afield” next year!”

Cathy and Romeo


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