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Healthy Hydration

One simple solution helps your horse avoid serious consequences of dehydration

PROBLEM: Your horse sweats heavily or doesn’t drink well

SOLUTION: Electrolytes

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Dehydration can have serious consequences for any horse, any time of year. Inadequate water intake and mineral imbalances can cause fatigue, muscle stiffness and even colic. Whether your performance horse is sweating hard in the summer heat or your senior refuses to drink when winter buckets gets close to freezing, an electrolyte supplement can help. Look for one that contains a comprehensive range of electrolytes, with no added sugar, like SmartLytes Pellets or Apple-A-Day. If you prefer pure salt, add Himalayan Salt to your horse’s SmartPaks. Need something for on the go? SmartLytes Paste offers a convenient, portable option when you and your horse are on the go- whether at a clinic, a show or a trail ride.



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