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Meet Deborah and CC

Name: CC
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender: Gelding
Age: 10
Discipline: Bird Dog Field Trials
Owners: Deborah Garner

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“I came to own CC after he had been through a trailering accident that left him shaken up but fortunately with no major injuries. When CC came to my farm I turned him out in the pasture with my two other geldings. It wasn’t long before he started showing signs of the stress and life changes he had been through, losing a significant amount of weight and body condition. To make sure he didn’t have a specific health issue, I got a thorough vet check, had his teeth floated and had him dewormed. At this time I also put CC on SmartGain 4 to help him gain
weight, as well as SmartGut Pellets to support his stomach.

About six months later, CC’s body condition was much improved – the before and after pictures speak for themselves. Once CC was healthy and back in shape, I was able to put him back into work. He’s now a wonderful part of my team of three horses that I rotate during bird dog field trials. He’s a safe, smooth and well-mannered horse that I am proud to own, especially now that he looks so good! As the pictures show, CC is now in great condition, and a lot of the thanks go to SmartPak.”

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