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Top-10 Dressage Products

Every month, we tally our customer reviews from dressage riders like you to find our customers’ favorite products. With 78,000+ reviews, we think it’s hard to beat the insight from our own customers. Check out this month’s Top-10 Dressage Products to find some great picks for you and your horse.

SmartPak Slow Eater Hay Bag
(41 reviews)

#1 SmartPak Slow Eater Hay Bag

What We Say: Slow down! Some horses eat too fast, or sometimes you need to extend the duration of their meal. Our SmartPak Slow Eater Hay Bag is a durable nylon hay bag with nylon mesh hole designed to slow down hay consumption. Perfect for trailering or use in the stall. 28″(H) X 22″(L) X 8-1/2″(W).

What Dressage Riders Say:
“I bought this for trailering my mare and foal – didn’t want to use a traditional hay net that the foal could get a foot in. This hay bag was bigger than I expected (a good thing) and the quality was better than I expected, especially for the price…All in all, a good value for a well-constructed hay bag.”

SmartMuscle® Mass
(5 reviews)

#2 SmartMuscle® Mass

What We Say: Is your conditioning program coming up short? Lean muscle development requires the right support! SmartMuscle Mass provides 12 amino acids as the building blocks of muscle tissue. Gamma Oryzanol, Creatine, HMB, Collagen, Betaine and other targeted ingredients are also included to assist the normal muscle-building process. Strong, defined muscles start with SmartMuscle Mass!

What Dressage Riders Say: “Despite a complete feed, supplement, and training program, my dressage gelding was not developing enough muscle tissue over his back and croup. After using SmartMuscle Mass for just 4 weeks I saw a noticeable improvement in the troublesome areas. I will definitely use this product again and start earlier next show season!” HorseyCPA

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FITS All Season Original Full Seat Breeches - Pull On

(156 reviews)

#3 FITS All Season Original Full Seat Breeches – Pull On

What We Say: FITS most popular breech and for good reason. FITS patented PerforMAX™ full seat technology gives you the most comfort and best performance ever offered in a full seat breech. You will love FITS All Season Microfibre fabric with both wicking and warming properties to keep you cool in hot weather and insulate you in cold weather.

What Dressage Riders Say: “Love this pair to simply pull on. Already had one pair with zip which I love as much. Great quality. Great in this summer heat. Great fit. Great quality.” Sisse

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Plymouth Elite Dressage Bridle by SmartPak

(149 reviews)

#4 Plymouth Elite Dressage Bridle by SmartPak

What We Say: Following the success of the Plymouth line, SmartPak is proud to introduce the Plymouth Elite. The Plymouth Elite takes all of the wonderful features of the Plymouth line and adds additional enhancements such as a true padded monocrown, buckle closures, 1″ wide noseband and rubber lined leather reins. Offered with plain noseband and flash or crank noseband with no flash.

What Dressage Riders Say: “I bought the Plymouth bridle to replace a cheap one that I bought locally that broke. The Plymouth is miles above the old one in terms of quality: Thick, supple leather, well stitched, and the single crown design not only pleases my horse, but is much neater and easier for me to deal with as well! I was hesitant about the rubber-lined “grippy” reins, and planned to replace them with an old pair, but I love them! They are soft, easy to hold, not too thick, and infinitely easier on the hands than braided! Thanks for a great product that I could afford!” Bluesgirl

SmartCanine™ Senior

As Low As: $11.87
(127 reviews)

#5 SmartCanine™ Senior

What We Say: SmartCanine Senior offers targeted support for the most age-susceptible organs of the senior dog. Scientifically developed to help maintain health throughout the body, it includes 250 mg of glucosamine, 100 mg of chondroitin, 10 mg of HA and 250 mg of MSM for joint maintenance; taurine for a healthy heart; milk thistle for a normal liver; DHA for brain function; and lutein for eye tissue; as well as antioxidants for overall cell health. Consider beginning the supplement just as dogs enter their senior years.

What Dressage Riders Say: “Within a few weeks of gobbling up her tablets my dog was running and playing like a 2 year old…Great product, I highly recommend for older, stiff dogs who don’t want to exercise.” Piaffe666

SmartPak Fleece Dressage Girth

(253 reviews)

#6 SmartPak Fleece Dressage Girth

What We Say: An everyday favorite! Easy care (100% washable!) and quality construction. Equifleece lined for chafeless comfort, a favorite for both schooling and showing. Elastic on both ends to equalize girth pressure. Stainless steel roller buckles. Nylon reinforcements.

What Dressage Riders Say: “This is the 2nd girth of this type I’ve ordered. The first one is 3+ years old and still looks new after a wash. Had to get a different size. I bought my first planning to upgrade in the future but the girth was so nice I never did. They clean up beautifully, last years and look sharp! Best SmartPak buy!!” SanAngeloDressageRider

Cordoba Andalusian Riding Boot
(131 reviews)

#7 Cordoba Andalusian Riding Boot

What We Say: The Cordoba Boot is a beautifully styled two-tone brown calfskin leather boot. The heavy duty full-length zipper has a long leather fringe pull and single buckle closure for a unique and stylish look. Scalloped leather and intricate eyelets add to the character of these stunning boots. Low heel with smooth rubber sole for long-wearing comfort.

What Dressage Riders Say: “I really like these boots. I wanted something different from the classic black and these fit the bill. They broke in fast and are very comfortable to ride in plus they look stunning. I am normally a size 8 but they did not have that size so I went with the 8.5 and they fit great…” Barncat77

Dressage is #1 Foam Finger
(36 reviews)

#8 Dressage is #1 Foam Finger

What We Say: Stephen Colbert has declared Dressage the “Sport of the Summer” and we’re your source for the official SmartPak/USEF foam finger. Whether you’re a jumper, reiner or a weekend trail rider, everyone can appreciate the art of “competitive horse prancing.” So get yours now and show your pride!

What Dressage Riders Say: “We had so much fun with this we piaffed a little! Thanks for helping everyone get in on the fun of the Official Sport of Summer!” Lori

SmartPak Lined Stirrup Leathers

(367 reviews)

#9 SmartPak Lined Stirrup Leathers

What We Say: SmartPak Lined Stirrup Leathers are lined with Nylon to prevent stretching. Covered with soft leather, requires no break in time! The SmartPak Lined Stirrup Leathers measure 7/8″ wide. Holes spaced .75″ apart. Stainless steel roller buckle.

What Dressage Riders Say: “These lined leathers are surprisingly nice for the moderate price. I just got them so I can’t comment on the durability yet, but I’ve never complained about a SmartPak purchase falling apart. I have Passier lined leathers on another saddle and the SmartPak ones look and feel as nice. Like on the Passier leathers, the half-holes on the SmartPak leathers make for better adjustability. At the price I was able to buy lined leathers for my other 2 saddles without scrimping on look or quality. Good purchase.” 48NorthFarm

Mountain Horse Victoria Top
(10 reviews)

#10 Mountain Horse Victoria Top

What We Say: The Mountain Horse Victoria Top is a lightweight microfiber high-tech competition top with a crisp clean white cotton collar for an updated polished look when competing.

What Dressage Riders Say: “I have been waiting for Mountain Horse to bring back their technical riding shirts. I love everything about this shirt: the ruching, the long enough length to tuck it into low-rise riding breeches, the ventilation (under arms), the soft material and the cute pattern. I don’t need the shirt for show, but like to wear them for regular schooling…” c0nny

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