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Top-10 Western Products

Every month, we tally our customer reviews from western riders like you to find our customers’ favorite products. With 78,000+ reviews, we think it’s hard to beat the insight from our own customers. Check out this month’s Top-10 Western Products to find some great picks for you and your horse.

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Grooming Cart

(3 reviews)

#1 Grooming Cart

What We Say: This easy to use 40″ Grooming Cart with attached heavy duty wire baskets is a complete storage system for all your grooming supplies. 10″ wheels make for great portability at shows, barns or while working out of trailers. Baskets measure 18″ x 13-1/2″.

What Western Riders Say: “I have owned this cart for a while now and I love the durability and space that it provides while at a horse show. You can never have enough grooming supplies and this fit everything from my shampoos, to hoof polish, to brushes, to face glow, it really is the perfect travel companion for all things horse. I also love the wheel feature as it allows for easy maneuvering through the gravel and cement that you find at the shows. It is a little pricey, but well worth the money based on the organization factor alone!”

SmartCalm® Ultra Pellets

As Low As: $29.88
(1424 reviews)

#2 SmartCalm® Ultra Pellets

What We Say: SmartCalm Ultra Pellets are an herb-free formula designed to support proper nervous system function, helping to minimize skittishness. SmartCalm Ultra Pellets offer a comprehensive approach to calming by providing 10,000 mg of Magnesium, 550 mg of Vitamin B1, 2,000 mg of Inositol (a B vitamin relative), and 125 mg of L-Tryptophan. This essential amino acid is converted into serotonin, a hormone that may increase feelings of wellbeing and contentment, helping to calm and soothe.

What Western Riders Say: “We have a 15 year old paint gelding who we show at local open pleasure shows. After changing barns a few times in the past few years, he suddenly became herd bound to any horse he recognized at ANY show. He began whinnying, carrying on, bolting, trying to climb over stalls, and just being dangerous…We decided to try SmarCalm Ultra after talking to a SmartPak rep at IEA Nationals in Oklahoma City. After a little over one month, my horse is better than ever! He now trailers better too, and is safe again. We showed this past weekend with many horses from previous barns and he didn’t mind at all; we took grand or reserve in every division he entered. He isn’t tired or lazy, just relaxed again. This supplement allowed us to keep showing the horse we know and love! Thank you SmartPak!” Catvh1215

Keratex Hoof Gel

(47 reviews)

#3 Keratex Hoof Gel

What We Say: Keratex Hoof Gel keeps hoof horn water tight in wet weather and stops cracking in dry weather. Not a damaging oil, but a powerful hydrophobic treatment that leaves the hoof glistening dry. While Keratex Hoof Hardener repairs damage to the hoof horn’s molecular structure caused by water and ammonia, Keratex Hoof Gel quite simply stops the damage from happening in the first place. Keratex Hoof Gel protects hooves from damage caused by manure, urine and excess water absorption. Keratex Hoof Gel allows the hoof to breathe. Air can pass freely through Keratex Hoof Gel in either direction and excess moisture can be expelled from the hoof. No water or typical chemicals can enter the hoof from the outside.

What Western Riders Say: “I’ve only used this product a few times but have already seen great results. My mare’s soles used to be quite soft and her frogs too squishy. Now her soles are nice and tough and her frogs are just right (pliable but not too soft). I’ve also noticed her hooves are easier to pick out. I am very pleased with this product and plan to keep using it forever!” DavinaDiva

SmartSlim Ultra Capri
(72 reviews)

#4 SmartSlim Ultra Capri

What We Say: The SmartSlim Ultra Capri is the next generation in SmartSlims. It provides a high spandex level, offering performance-enhancing compression and four-way stretch for a perfect fit with total freedom of movement. Lightweight yet durable perforated mesh-style fabric is quick-drying and highly breathable. Antimicrobial (gusset liner) flat-seam construction for all day comfort.

What Western Riders Say: “I have tried many different brands of “slimmers” for under my riding breeches ! Each one has it’s faults such as too hot, too flimsy, poor fit,seams rubbing. This product has none of the above qualities and fits great. Am saving for a second pair.” SHEZAVIXEN

#5 SWAT Clear

What We Say: SWAT Clear formula protects wounds, open sores, scratches and abrasions from dirt and disease-carrying flies. Botanically derived pyrethrin formula repels house flies, stable flies, face flies and horn flies, killing them on contact. SWAT Clear is ideal for use on the ears and other facial areas.

What Western Riders Say: “If you want to keep the bugs away from your horse’s cuts and scrapes, you’ll want to use SWAT Clear. Easy to apply, no odor, and the bugs stay away from where you put it. It even kept on working after a rain storm! I’m impressed and will always keep a jar handy in my tack box from now on. You should too!!” CowGirlWannaBe

#6 LiveSmart™ Salmon Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula

What We Say: Salmon meal is a nutritious alternative source of protein that contains high levels of important fatty acids, making it a natural choice for helping maintain skin and coat health. We combined North American ocean farmed salmon meal with quality grains and vegetables to create a formula designed to help your adult dog thrive. Made in the USA.

What Western Riders Say: “My dog, Pete, really approves of his new dog food. It takes less food to satisfy him and keep him in good health than what he was getting before. I love all the good nutrition that he’s getting and he loves the taste.” Dukesmom

SmartPak Small Hole Hay Net

(536 reviews)

#7 SmartPak Small Hole Hay Net

What We Say: There’s a smarter way to feed your hay! 3 1/2 cm holes restrict access so your horse will slow down and enjoy his hay longer, and you’ll have a whole lot less waste. Ideal for travel, as you’ll have to fill up less frequently, and your horse won’t leave as much behind. Also great for horses who need limited access for dietary reasons. 42″ Diameter.

What Western Riders Say: “Loading the hay is easy. The reason I bought it was to make the hay last longer and slow down eating. It has worked out well and was a great purchase.” AussieLover


 $9.95 - $17.95
(155 reviews)

#8 SureScoop

What We Say: It’s important that your horse is fed correctly- by weight (pounds) not by volume (quarts). You can be confident that by using the Surescoop, you will be feeding your horse properly using pounds, not quarts, to measure grain. The Surescoop was designed to measure (by weight, not volume) sweet/textured and pelleted horse feeds. The Surescoop was not designed to measure beet pulp, rice bran, corn, oats and other horse feeds.

What Western Riders Say: “While my horse is not on a very strict diet, it is always nice to know exactly how much feed they are getting. It is also very helpful if someone else is feeding my horse, or if I am feeding someone else’s. It’s a very durable, easy to wash, and compact scoop. I’m so glad I found one!” EquineDeborah22410

SmartLytes® Paste*
(20 reviews)

#9 SmartLytes® Paste

What We Say: Support your horse’s health by giving him an electrolyte that works as hard as he does! SmartLytes Paste is a sugar-free, cherry flavored formula designed to replace mineral losses in equine sweat and encourage your horse to drink. SmartLytes Paste may be administered in addition to a daily serving of SmartLytes powder. This convenient paste is excellent when you and your horse are on the go – whether at a clinic, a show or a trail ride – just make sure your horse has plenty of fresh water available. Two servings per syringe.

What Western Riders Say: “My horse likes the taste and she drinks a ton of water after she gets this paste, and I don’t even give her a full dose. It is a little runny if it is hot out, but not a big deal. The price was great, too.”

Loofa Groom Mitt

(26 reviews)

#10 Loofa Groom Mitt

What We Say: We love the Loofa Groom Mitt for bathing! It suds up and doesn’t slid off your hand! Perfect for legs and for tough stains.

What Western Riders Say: “I love these mitts, I have multiple and I was excited when SmartPak started to carry them. They are a must have for bathing!” HobbyHorseRiding

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  1. Sara Hilder says:

    If you want the bugs to stay away from a wound on your horse, SWAT clear is just the stuff to use.

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