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Meet Fritz, Donna and Ravell 104

Name: Ravell 104
Age: 15
Breed: Gelderlander
Discipline: Combined Driving
Owner: Fritz Grupe
Groom: Donna Jones

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“Ravell was better known as ‘Devil Child’ before I found SmartCalm Ultra. He is one intense horse, to say the least. He’s a highly accomplished combined driving horse—in 2005 he was part of a world champion pair. He competes with everything he’s got, but he never learned to ‘turn it off ’ when not competing (or even training). He was a handful, even in the barn, always tense with a wild-eyed look to him.

After my own horse had success on SmartCalm Ultra, I decided to try it for Ravell (I don’t own him but I’m his groom, caretaker, trainer, pooperscooper…you name it, I do it). Within two months, he was practically a different horse! He can finally relax, he’s an absolute pleasure to drive, and he has turned into one of the most playful horses in the barn. He’s now one of the steadiest driving horses we have as well. I’m really impressed with how SmartCalm Ultra has truly helped him and his overall wellness—he seems so much happier with life in general now. He’s still the intense competitor we need him to be, but he’s such a sweetheart in the barn, we changed his nickname to ‘Ravioli.’

I sent in a picture of Ravell and me before the FEI jog at a recent show. We had to wait a half an hour before it was our turn to go. He stood so patiently and was such a good boy! Two years ago, he probably would’ve required a chain shank to maintain some semblance of control. I think it’s a fitting image for his story.

I can’t thank you enough, SmartPak! As long as this horse is under my care, he’ll never go a day without his SmartCalm Ultra!”

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One comment on “Meet Fritz, Donna and Ravell 104
  1. Janet says:

    My horse Connor gets spooked from everything, the new bucket in the corner to the cat in the arena. Which one should I try Smart calm or Smart calm ultra?

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