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The 360 Approach

While small changes can help, a full-spectrum program is the best way to tackle your horse’s health challenges.

Senior Setbacks

As horses age, dental issues, stiff joints and weight loss are common problems. But with the right nutrition and care your senior can age gracefully!

Preventative Measures

• Dental problems are not only more common for older horses, they also happen much more quickly. So, while younger horses may do fine with just one dental exam each year, seniors should have their teeth checked at least twice annually. Dental health is important because chewing problems can contribute to weight loss and digestive upset.

• Re-evaluate your horse’s diet, ideally with the help of your veterinarian or an equine nutritionist. His nutritional needs may change as he ages, so a feeding program that worked five years ago might not meet his needs now.

Also try

SmartPak Test Ride Saddle Program Your horse’s back will likely change as he ages, so make sure your saddle still fits him.

Need a new one? Try any of our saddles risk-free with the SmartPak Test Ride Saddle Program. Also consider a “correction” pad that offers an adjustable fit thanks to removable shims.

Back on Track Hock Wraps feature a ceramic fabric that provides warmth and increases circulation, helping soothe achy joints.


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Breathing Battles

Respiratory problems can affect your horse’s daily comfort as well his performance. If your horse suffers from seasonal allergies or “heaves,” consider this comprehensive approach to help him breathe easy.

Preventative Measures

• Soak or steam your horse’s hay to reduce dust and other irritants. If that’s not enough, consider replacing hay with cubes or a complete feed.

• Since the dust inside barns is a major culprit of respiratory issues, give your horse as much turnout as possible and keep your barn well ventilated.

Also try

HAYGAIN Hay Steamers eliminate dust and mold in hay to support respiratory health and benefit horses with heaves.

Stall Safe Spray disinfects to prevent the spread of contagious viruses, bacteria and fungi, which can cause respiratory problems.

Supplements and Pharmaceuticals

SmartBreathe® Pellets

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• Ventipulmin Syrup (prescription medication)
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Weight Woes

If your horse is struggling with poor body condition, simply adjusting his diet might not be enough. Fortunately, we’ve got some other smart suggestions that can help tip the scales in your favor.

Preventative Measures

• Have your veterinarian examine your horse to rule out any health conditions that may be causing his weight loss.

• Reduce possible causes of stress in your horse’s daily routine —for example, make sure he isn’t being bullied in the field or kept away from his food.

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The SmartPak Small Hole Hay Net helps your horse waste less and enjoy his hay longer.


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