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For Your Sk(information)

Your horse’s skin is a master multi-tasker. It’s his first line of defense against injury, insects, infections and more. It helps with thermoregulation by activating the sweat glands when it gets too hot and puffing up the coat to seal out the cold. It turns sunlight into Vitamin D and is loaded with nerve endings that keep the brain up to date on changes in the surrounding environment. Clearly, healthy skin is vital to a healthy horse—but how do you know if your horse’s skin is in good shape? Your horse’s coat can serve as a report card for his skin health. A soft, shiny coat is an indicator of stellar skin condition, while a dull, rough or patchy coat likely suggests there’s room for improvement.

Whether you want to put a mega-watt shine on your show horse, even out some rough patches on your trail
companion’s coat or simply keep your horse happy and healthy, we’ve got top picks for supporting your horse’s skin, inside and out!


Daily grooming helps stimulate oil secretions, bringing out a healthy shine. Conversely, shampoos can strip these natural oils away, making the coat look dull. In other words, be generous with the elbow grease and go easy on the soapy suds.

What to Put In

Because your horse’s skin is so important to his well-being, if you have concerns, it’s important to have your vet rule out anything serious. If your horse has a clean bill of health and you’re looking to take his skin and coat condition to the next level, a supplement can help!

The Skinny on “Healthy” Fats

Adding fat to your horse’s diet is a great way to support the structure and function of skin cells. But when it comes to adding fats, it’s important to consider the source. For a long time, riders fed corn oil for a hearty serving of fat. However, we now know it’s not just about feeding more fat, it’s about feeding the right kind of fat. Currently, experts believe that Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory, while Omega 6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory. Corn oil is very high in Omega 6 fatty acids, which can put the body in a chronic state of inflammation, essentially doing more harm than good.

Instead, look for a supplement that uses fat sources that are rich in Omega 3s. Omega Horseshine and SmartShine® each contain a healthy serving of flax seed, which has an ideal Omega 3:Omega 6 ration of 4:1. For even more intense support, consider SmartShine® Ultra, which has all the ingredients in SmartShine with the addition of fish oil. Fish oil is rich in DHA and EPA, two Omega 3s known for their proven health benefits throughout the body.

SmartShine® Ultra Original

As Low As: $22.95
(351 reviews)
SmartShine® Original

As Low As: $13.95
(430 reviews)
Omega Horseshine

As Low As: $22.95
(757 reviews)

Join the Dark Side

SmartDark & Handsome® Original

As Low As: $21.95
(285 reviews)

If you’re tired of watching your black beauty fade to brown, then copper and eventually “not-so-hot” orange, try adding SmartDark & Handsome™ to his diet. This formula features a skin-nourishing blend of omega-3s from fish oil, flax seed and chia seed, along with paprika and nutmeg, which are believed to make dark coats richer and deeper in color. Great for black, bay and brown coat colors.

What to Put On

Skin Saviors

Eqyss Premier Marigold Spray

 $20.95 - $65.95
(115 reviews)

Want one spray that helps with several skin struggles? Eqyss Premier Marigold Spray is a favorite among riders for everything from rehydrating parched skin to battling bleached coats.

Get Your Shine On

ShowSheen Hair Polish

 $10.95 - $42.95
(151 reviews)

The best way to bring out your horse’s natural glow is by supporting his skin health and putting a little extra elbow grease in your daily grooming. But when show day rolls around, a quick spritz of ShowSheen Hair Polish can turn that healthy glow into a show-stopping shine.

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