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Barn of the Month – New Albany Granville Equestrian Center


New Albany Granville Equestrian Center – Johnstown, Ohio
Owners: The Ryan Family
Co Barn Managers: Carrie Ryan and Dan Schwarz
Trainers: Daniel Schwarz and Heather Mehal
Equine SmartPaks: 17 and counting

About New Albany Granville Equestrian Center

Built in 1999, the New Albany Granville Equestrian Center is a 36-stall boarding and training facility located in Johnstown, Ohio. Situated on 80 beautiful rolling acres, this multi discipline facility was designed to meet the needs of demanding equine sports, such as eventing and reining, but it still welcomes the weekend pleasure riders. We pride ourselves on the diverse group of riders and equine professionals we have in our barn. Mowed grass gallop lanes, wooded trails, as well as indoor and outdoor arenas keep most of our riders and their equine partners active. However, we are very proud of our riders that did show in 2012 achieving awards in NRHA, USDF, and the Arabian Association.




With a diverse group of riders comes a wide variety of horse breeds, ages, and activity levels. We currently have horses as young as 6 months to as old as 33 years. SmartFlex I Maintenance has been a wonderful product for our young horses just starting out. SmartFlex II Support has kept our hard working competition horses at the top of their game. SmartPaks make it easy to provide individualized supplements for the show horses through the competition season as well as provide a quality product for our retirees that now only work to keep the pastures grazed down. SmartPaks truly meet the supplement requirements for every equine, and they are a time saver on a farm a busy as ours. The SmartPak AutoShip option ensures that no matter how busy our lives are, our horses never run out of their supplements. Also, since SmartPaks are shipped monthly, we know they are always fresh. Thanks SmartPak!




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6 comments on “Barn of the Month – New Albany Granville Equestrian Center
  1. Cindy Southern says:

    March will mark 13 yrs for me at New Albany Granville Equestrian Center with 2 different horses. I’m just a pleasure, trail rider since I’m up there in years. The Ryan family has been more than accommodating to keep me in the sport I like best. They go out of the way to solve our equestrian problems. Especially good was turning me on to SmartPak for Sophie’s supplements.

  2. Janis Fox says:

    My 23 year old 12 hand driving pony and I have been at New Albany Granville Equestrian Center since Sept 2001. We take advantage of the indoor, outdoor, and all the trails in our two-wheeled cart. She gets 6 supplements and I was struggling keeping her supplement bucket full of everything she needs until I started with SmartPak. I know she’s getting the right dose and I will never run out now. Thanks to SmartPak and Carrie and Dan, I hope to drive my pony for many more years.

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Janis – We love that New Albany Granville Equestrian Center is home to equestrians and horses from a variety of disciplines. It must make for a such a fun place to board and ride!

  3. Handsome has been doing very well on his supplement and we are looking forward to another successful show season in 2013. My students plan on joining me this year. Thanks for making is easy to take care of our supplement and equipment needs. All that is left if for us to RIDE:-)

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Heather – Thank YOU for being a great customer and for telling your students about getting their supplements and equipment at SmartPak! Here’s to a very successful 2013 show season to you all!

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