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If you could be any supplement, what would you be?


As a SmartPak Customer Care intern, I have the opportunity to run around the whole office and meet with all the different departments that make this awesome company tick. On a daily basis, I will go from the Customer Care floor, to embroidery, to returns, to shipping, then back to chat with IT, and finally return to my desk upstairs with Customer Care. From the buzzing of the conveyor belts in production, to the occasional breakout of “Call Me Maybe” in the office (and the dance party that follows), SmartPak is certainly a company that knows how to get the job done and have a bit of fun doing it.

In SmartPak’s playful spirit, and in the love for all those fabulous supplements that work wonders for our horses and dogs every day, I decided to pose a question to everyone at work and see just which supplement they were really made of. I asked the question: If you could be any supplement, what supplement would you be?

Here are the replies (warning, these may make you chuckle):

“I’d be SmartCalm Ultra so I could make everyone happy and chill.” – Emilie, Pharmacy

“If I could be any supplement, I would be SmartFlex Senior because it is so popular and keeps horses healthy and happy into retirement.” – Bekky, Marketing

“I think I would be SmartHoof Ultra because if you don’t have good feet, you don’t have anything!” 
– Jessica, Returns

“I would be SmartTLC because I love the 90’s band!” – Jess, Customer Care

“I’d be SmartCanine Health, because I do a bit of everything and love to work with dogs of all ages!”
– Meghan, Marketing

“I would be Recovery EQ because I love green tea and grapes!” – Laura, Customer Care

“I’d be SmartDark &Handsome—enough said.” – James, Customer Care

“I’d be SmartFlex Senior Pellets because I’ve always wanted to be the best and most popular of the group.” 
– Ellen, Production

“I’d be SmartCombo because I can’t decide!” – Jessica, Customer Care

“I would have to say that I would be SmartDark & Handsome” 😉 – Adam, Production

“SmartMare Harmony because I work well with an office full of women.” – Donnie, Marketing

“I would be SmartHoof Ultra because I have a HUGE problem with icky feet.” – Tierney, Customer Care

“I would be SmartBug-Off because I like to repel pesky things!” – Mary, Customer Care

“I’d be SmartCalm Ultra because it not only saved my horse’s sanity, but I feel that at my other Job I am already SmartCalm Ultra, calming all the children, parents, and teachers.” – Christina, Store Associate

“I would be SmartMare Harmony, because we all get a little moody sometimes.” – Megan, Customer Care

“I would be SmartShine Ultra because I’m OBSESSED with shiny coats.” – Jaqueline, Customer Care

“I would be SmartCombo Ultra because I am an “eclectic” person to say the least. I choose to be a little bit of everything— at work and in my personal life.” – Jenny, Customer Care

“Summer Games! Summer is heads and tails my favorite season — the hotter the better. I love getting outside to play, especially if it’s galloping around cross-country with my horse (which means we both need to take a break to rehydrate).” – Sara, Creative

“If I could be any supplement I would be Cool Cals because it smells like Twinkies, and I really love Twinkies!” 
– Dr. Lydia Gray, Staff Veterinarian

“I would be SmartVite Performance Grass because I’m vegan so I need a little help balancing my diet.”
– Sarah, Marketing

“I would be SmartShine Ultra because I love helping everyone get “that extra sparkle” when looking for information. And really I just love shiny sparkly things.” – Cathlin, Finance

“I would be SmartCalm Ultra because as a yoga teacher I like to bring calm to horses (and people!)” 
– Michelle, Customer Care

“I’d be SmartFlex IV Ultimate because it is awesome.” – Annie, Marketing

“I’d definitely be SmartFlex Rehab. I know what it is like to be on extended lay-up, and I’d want to help horses recover as quickly as possible!” – Jessica, Customer Care

“I’d be SmartProtect Ultra because I’d contain bioflavonoids, and it’s just fun to say ‘bioflavonoid.'” – Keith, IT

“I’d be SmartCombo Ultra because then I could protect 5 areas (joint, tendon & ligament, hoof, digestion, and skin & coat) of my horse with just one supplement!” – Kerri, Marketing

“I’d be SmartOmega 3 because it works well with everyone.” – Kristina, Customer Care

“I’d be Summer Games so I can be annoyingly bright and colorful!” – Liz, Customer Care

“I’d be a hoof supplement like SmartHoof Ultra because I get better over time.” – Delia, Customer Care

“I’d be SmartControl IR because I’m on a diet.” – Kaitlin, Customer Care

“I’d be SmartGain 4 because I cook all the time and can help anyone gain weight.” – Stefanie, Customer Care

“I’d be SmartMuscle Mass because I’m trying to get ripped for the summer (it’s a little slow-going, I must admit!).” – Lindsay, Creative

“I’d be SmartCombo Ultra Pellets—I am a jack of all trades.” – Carrie, Customer Care

“If I could be one supplement, I’d be SmartDigest Ultra because if you do one thing for your horse, you should protect his digestive health.” – Jessica, Marketing

If you liked these, and are as obsessed with supplements as we are, please let us know what supplement you would be!

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