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Peek in Our Paks – Kaitlin T.


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the animals we adore.

This Month’s Pick

Staff Member: Kaitlin T.
Department: Customer Care
Horse: Samurai
Discipline: A little bit of everything

Sam and I have been together for about five and half years. He has been with me through both my high school and college graduations, and soon we’ll be celebrating his sixteenth birthday! He’s my best friend, my teacher and my partner in crime. Sam means the world to me and I want to do everything I can to keep him happy and healthy. That’s where SmartPaks comes in!

Samurai’s SmartPaks

SmartFlex Senior Pellets

SmartFlex® Senior Pellets Original

As Low As: $38.95
(1437 reviews)

I started Sam on a joint supplement when I first bought him, but during the past year and half I started to notice that he wasn’t moving as well as he did a few years ago. At fifteen, he isn’t what I would consider a “senior horse,” but his years on the track were beginning to catch up with him. Shortly after I started him on SmartFlex Senior Pellets, I noticed a difference in his movement. Now no one believes that he is turning sixteen!

Cool Calories 100

Cool Calories 100

As Low As: $18.15
(395 reviews)

Sam is a Thoroughbred in every sense of the word, and like many Thoroughbreds, he is a hard keeper.
I tried everything from rice bran to beet pulp to high fat grains, but nothing seemed to help him gain and maintain a healthy body weight. When my trainer recommended Cool Calories, I gave it a try and never looked back! He has been on the supplement for a little over a year, and I can finally say that my horse’s body condition score is a five.


SmartDigest Ultra

SmartDigest® Ultra Powder

As Low As: $38.95
(746 reviews)

My time at SmartPak has taught me the importance of digestive support, especially for older horses. As horses age it becomes harder for them to absorb all the nutrients in their feed, so feeding SmartDigest Ultra gives me the confidence that I’m helping Sam get what he needs from his feed.

Another reason I feed SmartDigest Ultra is because Sam lives in a boarding barn. They take great care of him, but changes in hay, exercise, weather and other factors beyond our control can lead to digestive upset. This supplement gives me the peace of mind that I’m doing all I can to support a healthy, balanced digestive system. And since Sam gets SmartDigest Ultra in SmartPaks, that means he is eligible for ColiCare, which provides up to $7500 of colic surgery reimbursement for enrolled horses should they ever need it.

SmartOmega 3

SmartOmega 3™
(588 reviews)

Omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in supporting a healthy inflammatory response and cellular health. However, they’re found in fresh pasture, something that is hard to find in the middle of winter in New England. SmartOmega 3 helps ensure that Sam is getting his share of these important fatty acids. His shiny, healthy coat is an added bonus of this supplement.


Why Kaitlin Uses SmartPaks

I’ve always taken care of my own horse, cleaned my own stall, and fed my own supplements. Now that I’m working full time, Sam is at a full-care facility. They do an amazing job, but it’s been hard for me to let go and allow someone else to take care of him for me. I love SmartPaks because I have total control over his supplements, and I know he is being fed exactly what I want every day.


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2 comments on “Peek in Our Paks – Kaitlin T.
  1. Aunt Phyllis says:

    Kaitlin—–Very proud of you –You look beautiful too!– So does Sam for that matter—What a team!–You are truly following your dream–Love you,Aunt P


    We are so proud of you and love the pictures!!

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