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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: weekend update – March 4, 2013


During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past week and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…


“Just a few days ago came the biggest snow in my area, and the horses weren’t sure what to do about it, especially when a large amount slid down the roof blocking one horse’s stall entrance and exit. He didn’t realize there was white stuff in the way until he’d already committed though, and I guess horse’s don’t understand the concept of ducking, because you can clearly see his “head-print” in the overhanging snow, ears and all. The horse’s name that did this is Mick Jagger, not sure if that factors in.

We hadn’t had much snow in my area all winter, so even though the calendar said “March 1”, the weather finally said “snow!” After a quick trim from the farrier, I tacked up Newman and braved the 20 degree temp and single digit wind chill (it was REALLY windy that day) for a “romp” in the snow. It was slick in some places and deep with drifts in others so it was less of a romp and more of a careful trudge, but I’m glad we did it. P.S., those are Newman’s “whoa” ears so he didn’t move while I snapped the photo from his back.”
– Dr. Lydia Gray, Staff Veterinarian


“This past week I rescued a dog! We named her Rue and I think she is a Lab/Vizsla mix. She is an absolute love, and so far has been getting along great with our resident cat who can be…particular. We even took Rue on a couple of hikes and learned that she is excellent off-leash, which is such a blast! We’ve only had her a week, but already we are in love. 🙂 I ended my weekend with an awesome ride on my horse, Newt. He and I are both definitely ready for Spring and a lot more riding outside!” – Casey, Customer Care


“Courtney, Erica and I went to see Pat Green (one of my favorite Texas country singers) at the House of Blues in Boston on Friday! That was our third time seeing him there, and as always we had a blast!” – Kaitlyn, Marketing


“My horse competed in his first Training level event this weekend at Sporting Days Farm in Aiken, SC. I’m most proud of his dressage test. My trainer said he stayed relaxed in warm up, and it carried through into the ring, which has always been a huge challenge for him. Looking forward to another great showing season when he returns home next month!” – Sara, Creative


“This weekend kicked off with an awesome company bowling trip. SmartBowl 2013 was stuffed to the brim with pizza, dancing, and of course bowling. I worked on my slide bowl technique, kept my team well fed, and celebrated. Speaking of celebrating, I did it as hard as I know how when my teammate Sarah achieved the status of High Roller for our first set after bowling a 0 on her first frame. That was either the greatest case of beginners luck ever, or she’s a bowling-shark, my money is on #2.” – Bjorn, Marketing


“As a merchandiser for our kids section of the catalog, I often take time to look at other catalogs for inspiration and see how parents are buying products in other industries. This weekend, I had a great helper work with me for our Fall line. And yes, I tend to have my best ideas playing with my kid on her mat. :)” – Kate, Merchandising


“I rode both days this weekend. It was so great to be back at the barn and riding. Each day after the barn, I brought the dogs on a walk around some nearby cranberry bogs. They loved being able to run free and get some exercise. This weekend I also spotted some green buds popping out of the ground. I was very excited to see this- Spring can’t come soon enough!” – Katlyn, Web Marketing


“This weekend I took advantage of the warm weather Saturday and hopped on Maddie for the first time in oh, about two months (thank you, New England weather..not). She was a very good girl considering her lengthy vacation time. I’m looking forward to Daylight Savings next weekend aka spend-more-time-in-the-saddle-savings. I also got a new washer and dryer for the house! This was extremely exciting to me, and not so much for my boyfriend (I can’t imagine how one would not be excited for this). I spent Sunday afternoon waiting for the washer and dryer playing with gecko-man and the dragons. The photo shows our leopard gecko, aka “gecko-man”, paying a visit to his neighbor, Bruce, the bearded dragon.” – Michelle, Customer Care


“Last weekend I went to Aruba with my best friend from college. The weather was gorgeous and it was a much-needed break from the New England winter! Then last night, we went to the Bruins game. Sadly, they lost, but it was still a great time.” – Emily, Accounting


“This weekend a group of us signed up to participate in our first ever Boston Urban Iditarod race. The race is something else. You choose a team theme and your “dog sled” is a shopping cart! We had a blast, running (our assigned route) from bar to bar, while supporting a good cause, the Boston Medical Center Food Pantry. We met other teams that consisted of everything from super heroes and pirates to astronauts. Here we are as “Team Thrift Shop” – Check out our fancy gold cart fully equipped with its’ own sound sytem…Er, boom box. :)”
– Annie, Marketing


“We had a very exciting weekend! On Friday night I drove to NH to pick up our new rescue dog – Quinn. He is a sweet senior lab mix that came through SOS Labrador Retriever Rescue. They are a wonderful organization whose mission is to save those labs who are facing imminent euthanization in high kill shelters in the South and find them forever homes in New England. Quinn had a particularly heartbreaking story. When he came into rescue he had a facial wound that wouldn’t heal. When they did x-rays, they found evidence that he had been shot in the face with buckshot. A piece of bone fragment from his jaw was embedded in his cheek, causing an infection that wouldn’t heal. He was also heartworm positive. A wonderful foster Mom in South Carolina took care of Quinn throughout his recovery from the surgery and his heartworm treatment, and just last weekend he was ready for adoption and transported North. We are SO excited to have him be a part of our family. He is getting along great with his new doggie brother Bear – our 11 year old black lab from the same rescue group. He is a sweet, timid dog who is really starving for affection. He is already following us everywhere and we look forward to seeing his personality emerge over the next few weeks, as he settles in and realizes he is in a safe, loving place for the rest of his life.” – Kristen, Web Marketing


“What a weekend! First off, on Friday night, I joined dozens of fellow SmartPakers at our annual SmartBowl outing. I’ve attended the last four years in a row and always had tons of fun accompanied by pretty average scores. This year, however, for reasons I can’t explain, I was on FIRE! Strike, strike, spare, spare, strike, spare – I was unstoppable! I ended up bowling a 155, which was good enough for High Roller! Now I’m scared to go next year because I know I won’t be able to defend!! The rest of the weekend was filled with beachy fun, as it’s finally starting to get a little warmer around here. My boyfriend and I headed to Duxbury Beach on Saturday and met some very nice people and their very silly dogs, then on Sunday we took his dog, Sprocket, to Nelson Beach in Plymouth to romp around in the FREEZING surf (he can’t resist chasing the seagulls!).” – Sarah, Branding


“Over the course of February, I was making plans to rescue a dog from Louisiana (through Mutts4Rescue in Portsmouth, RI from ArfLa in Lafayette, LA). On 2/23, he finally arrived up here and I got to meet him for the very first time! Roscoe has exceeded my expectations from his personality to how easily he goes from being super playful to a laid back snuggle bug. He is absolutely perfect! Saturday marked 1 week for us so I decided to take him around the block to introduce him to the area (and also see if we can be running buddies this coming Spring). The poor guy was so fearful when cars and trucks drove by, but made great progress over our 2 mile walk. He also showed me just how smart he was by literally overnight understanding what Wait, Come and Sit mean and has turned his former shelter dog (in a shelter for over 1 year!) lack of manners into a patient and understanding little guy. Yesterday was a lazy Sunday where he enjoyed his first snuggle with my other little one, Rocky. He also spent a good hour or so having an afternoon snuggle with me. He is such a joy and I am so happy he found his way into my life!” – Kristina, Creative


“This weekend I got to horse show for the first time since the New England Finals. I spent most of Saturday cleaning tack and horse (as best I could in this still cold weather). On Sunday I packed up my horse, Dia, and my very understanding husband, Bill, in the trailer and truck (respectively) and off we went. It was a great day. Dia was very happy to be out. So much so that in a few of her classes she cavorted around the course adding in some hops and small bucks. (Tee Hee!) Still we grabbed a few points to start qualifying for some local finals. I went home very satisfied to have finally started the 2013 show season!” – Jessica, IT


“This weekend was busy, a lot of catching up to do: errands, taxes, etc., but I also got some fun in there! I got to ride Saturday for the first time in months due to the (seemingly) constant snow we’ve had in Massachusetts this winter. It felt great to get back in the saddle, and luckily I wasn’t too jello-like due to keeping up with running at the gym! On that note, Sunday morning I took advantage of the nice weather again and went running at Castle Island in South Boston. In between my outdoor excursions, Saturday night I went to see Fishbone in Cambridge with my two coworkers, Annie and Chris. We had a great time seeing a great band!”
– Jessica S., Customer Care

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