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Barn of the Month – JL Dixon Stable


“JL Dixon Stable has been at the Menlo Circus Club in Atherton CA since 1996. Specializing in Amateur and Juvenile riders, Dixon Stable has guided many horses to World and National titles both at the Kentucky State Fair and the Morgan Grand National. American Saddlebreds, Hackney Ponies and Morgans have been the main stay of the training stable. Growing up in CO Jennifer had a lot of hands on at an early age as her horses were kept at home. Working with Martin Cockriel and his daughter Mary she gained a lot of knowledge on how to operate a large program. Organization is key, and SmartPak makes it easier than ever to be organized in your feeding program! Jennifer started riding at age 6 on a grade pony and 42 years later still can’t wait to get to the barn and make a difference in a horse and rider’s training.”


“My passion is to cultivate a dynamic relationship between rider and horse; to strengthen the best qualities in both; and to create a winning team. It’s exciting when my students advance to the next level of competition. It’s also rewarding to hear how the self-confidence mastered in the ring translates to other areas of their lives including school and work”

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“When I first read about SmartPaks and their system I wished I had come up with the idea! It’s such an efficient way to get each horse what they need. Over the past several years I’d had a few horses that used SmartPaks, but I personally continued purchasing and billing out other products. Economically it wasn’t feasible, and from a nutrition stand point we could get exactly what each horse needed with such ease, and I got rid of the over head. The team at SmartPak makes it so easy to get signed up and make changes as necessary. The convenience of being able to add supplies or equipment into an order is a great bonus as well.”

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“SmartCombo Ultra Pellets is Dixon Stable’s favorite supplement. Along with providing good joint, digestion, hoof and coat support, SmartCombo Ultra also allows our horses to be eligible for SmartPak’s ColiCare program, because we order it in SmartPaks. Our older lesson horses on SmartFlex Senior are thriving, and we have a couple of horses that have done well on Smart TLC pellets.”

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