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Meet Jennifer and Icebreaker


Breed: Thoroughbred/Percheron
Age: 9
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Owner: Jennifer Church


When I first got Icebreaker, he was a very green, nervous project horse. At first I wasn’t sure what type of show horse he would turn into, but he is a fabulous jumper and I couldn’t be more thrilled with him. I decided to start him on a digestive supplement because he tends to worry and we travel to horse shows a lot, which can be stressful on his digestive system. With SmartDigest Ultra, I help Icebreaker’s digestive tract manage the stress of traveling and showing so that it can run as smoothly as possible.


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One comment on “Meet Jennifer and Icebreaker
  1. Alisha Howell says:

    Hi, my name is Alisha Howell. I have loved horses ever sense I was three years old. My Dad is a pastor and I come from a Christian family. My faith is very important to me. I had a lot of health troubles when I was born. I had a heart defect and several other concerns. School was very hard for me. Trying to make friends and to fit in was always a challenge. I was the one always being picked on. Since I was small I wanted a black horse of my own someday. After high school a friend from church asked if I would like one of her horses to keep and use as my own. He is an all black Morgan pony. The horse of my dream, an answer to prayer. His name is Prince and is now twenty three years old. He is gentle and gets along well with the other horses at the boarding stable. I kept him for a few years then it got hard to be at the barn everyday to care for him because of family and church. So I went to ask the owner if she would like to take him back. She said yes but the other owner of the stables, where I was boarding him, wanted to keep him for riding lessons with kids. He stayed at the farm where I can still ride him and take care of him a few days each week. Prince and I had our first horse show together where we won 6th place in the beginners jumping and 2nd and 3rd place doing other the ground events. A friend from the stable allowed me to begin jumping with her horse, as Prince was a bit small for me to continue riding. While practicing a jump I fell from the horse which broke my wrist and shattered my left elbow. I had surgery on it and was layed up for almost a year in recovery. A year After the accident, I got back to riding and now use regularly use Prince as my partner. Prince and I are hoping to continue on showing even though he will be 24 years old this summer. We are both strong and doing well. Prince loves being with people, kids included, and other horses. I have a wonderful family consisting of my; Mom, Dad, two older sisters, two brother- in-laws, and two beautiful nieces. They have provided me with so much support since, being in a special education program during my school career, I had a difficult classroom experience. God has been my foundation in my life. I would never have the things I do now if not for Him. He has blessed me with so much. Both my high school teacher and my job coach continue to come to the barn and help me with the chores. I also have two friends that volunteer by my side. I am living my childhood dream. God has been so amazing. I also did some competing and riding at Heritage stables and did very well. I was introduced to Fox Meadows when I began lessons in 6th grade. After I began high-school, my job coach asked the owner of the stables if I could spend my mornings there learning life skills while working with the animals I loved. Now, four years after graduating, I still continue to love my mornings with the horses. Having Prince there makes it that much sweeter. God worked things out in my life, and I cant thank Him enough.

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