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Peek in Our Tack Trunks – Lexi K


Peek in My Trunk
I recently moved my horse to a new barn and while packing up my tack trunk, I asked myself many times, “How did I manage to accumulate so much stuff for my horse?” While I would love to tell you about all of the things I have in my trunk (and my cubby, and my basement, and the backseat of my car, and the trunk of my car…you get the picture), I don’t even want to think about how many pages that would take! Since I can’t tell you about everything, I picked out some of my favorite things that I just can’t live without:

SmartPak Double Stitched Stable Halter
When I bought Superman, one of the first things I got for him was a brand new halter. While the nylon halter he came in was functional, the hunter princess in me came out and I wanted to get him a leather halter that would look nice without breaking the bank. I chose the SmartPak Double Stitched Stable Halter and almost three years later, I’m still thrilled with my purchase. The leather was soft and supple right from the start and despite the fact that my horse is hard on his belongings and loves to roll in the mud, this halter still cleans up great.

SmartPak Double Stitch Halter

(500 reviews)

SmartPak Quilted Arena Bag by Big D
I was skeptical of how excited a fellow SmartPaker was about this bag, but then I got one for myself and realized that she was right – the SmartPak Quilted Arena Bag by Big D really is the best grooming bag ever! This bag fits everything you could possibly need for grooming your horse (and more). It has four inside pockets, which are great for anything from bottles of Show Sheen to smaller items like ear plugs. After using this bag once, I don’t think I could ever go back to using a plastic grooming tote again – this bag is just that much better.

EquiFit T-Sport Wraps
I’ve always put either boots or wraps on my horse to protect his legs while schooling but I always had trouble finding a set of polo wraps that didn’t look too bulky on my horse’s legs. These wraps were the solution to that problem. They’re the perfect length, have the perfect amount of stretch and they don’t look bulky at all! I love the sleek look of these wraps on my horse’s legs and I feel that they keep him cooler than traditional fleece polos.
This ships free!
EquiFit T-Sport Wrap

 $88.00 - $94.00
(52 reviews)

SmartPak Lite AP Saddle Pad
There are tons of saddle pads on the market to choose from, but I’m a big fan of the SmartPak Lite AP Saddle Pad for schooling at home. It’s lightweight, breathable, always stays in place and comes out of the wash looking like new. I like to keep my look a little more traditional even when I’m at home, so I like that this saddle pad is white but has five different trim options so I can still have a little color in my life.
SmartPak Lite AP Saddle Pad

(311 reviews)

SmartPak Air+ Neoprene Girth
I recently purchased this girth after years of using the same old sheepskin lined leather girth every day. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this new girth when I bought it, but I’ve loved it since our first ride with it. I like how the center of the girth is wider because I think it distributes pressure more evenly to make it more comfortable for the horse. The neoprene lining ensures that the saddle stays where it’s supposed to without any concern for slippage. Another bonus is that the lining is removable so you can just take it off and hose it down – it’s so much easier to keep clean than sheepskin!
SmartPak Air+ Neoprene Girth

(167 reviews)

Sore No More Gelotin
When I want to give my horse’s legs a little extra TLC after a hard workout or a horse show, I always turn to Sore No More. I like this gel version because it’s super easy to squirt out, put on your horse and rub in.
Sore No More Gelotion
(59 reviews)

Back on Track Mesh Sheet
I decided to try this sheet last winter after my horse got a massage and the massage therapist mentioned how tight Superman was through his back. Depending on the week, Superman either wears his sheet full time or I just put it on him for about half an hour before we ride to help get his back muscles loosened and warmed up. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how he comes to the ring when he’s been wearing this sheet. He seems relaxed and happy and comes into the ring loose and ready to work. This sheet is a little pricey, but it’s definitely worth the money and I’m so glad that I have it.
This ships free!
Back on Track Mesh Sheet - Black

(107 reviews)

SmartWorks Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
While I don’t clean my tack half as much as I should, SmartWorks Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is my first pick when I do get around to cleaning it. It cleans up even the dirtiest of tack and never leaves a greasy or tacky residue like other cleaners and conditioners sometimes do.

Meadow Mints
A tack trunk is never complete without treats! My horse is a little spoiled (okay, a lot spoiled) and we’ve lovingly nicknamed him the “Cookie Monster.” I don’t think he would forgive me if I didn’t have a stash of treats ready to dispense at the end of a ride! I love Meadow Mints because they’re the perfect size for keeping in your pocket and they never get crumbly and make a mess. Superman loves them because, well, they’re treats! He happily eats just about everything that’s edible and I’m sure he loves the peppermint flavor of these treats.
Meadow Mints

 $9.95 - $55.95
(98 reviews)

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