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Barn of the Month – Royal Oaks Equestrian Center


Royal Oaks Equestrian Center Foristell, MO

Owner & Head Trainer: Pamela Davies
SmartPaks: 21


Royal Oaks Equestrian Center is an equine facility that specializes in dressage and provides boarding, lessons and training. The stable is owned and operated by Pamela Davies, who is qualified through the British Horse Society in teaching, riding and stable management. The state-of-the-art facility was built in 2005 and features indoor and outdoor arenas, spacious stalls, 25 acres of grass pasture, a lounge area with heat/air conditioning and much more. Our mission is to provide excellent horse care, education and fun activities in a safe, clean and family oriented environment.


Royal Oaks started using SmartPaks in 2012 as a way of simplifying the feeding program at the farm. I love that I know exactly what everyone is getting. No questions, no confusion. And it really has cut down on the time we spend in the feed room. I always took care of ordering the supplements in bulk, but with SmartPaks, there’s less legwork, and with Barn Saver Shipping, they show up right at the barn each month. And, I have to say the staff at SmartPak has been great – I can call any time, even if I don’t have a catalog! Everyone is so excited and willing to help. The knowledge and supplement consultations that come along with the SmartPak Supplement Feeding System have made choosing a supplement program tailored to each individual horse that much easier.


Royal Oaks has a few favorite SmartSupplements that have helped multiple horses in the barn. I’m using SmartGut Ultra on a few different horses, and I LOVE it!

SmartGut® Ultra Pellets

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The horses are comfortable, don’t grind their teeth and don’t swish their tails. SmartFlex Senior Herb-Free is another favorite.
SmartFlex® Senior Herb-Free Pellets Original

As Low As: $41.95
(330 reviews)

In Missouri, the winter comes with reduced turnout time, and our horses used to occasionally come out stiff and take longer to warm up. Since starting SmartFlex Senior Herb-Free, the horses have seemed very happy and comfortable!



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One comment on “Barn of the Month – Royal Oaks Equestrian Center
  1. Catherine Wendt says:

    love the supplements and how it helps Pam to take care of the horses the way she likes to. She and her managers have very busy days as it is. She makes sure the horses get the vitamins that they need, and I value this a great deal.

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