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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – May 13, 2013


During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past week and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…


The first part of Mother’s day in Boston for breakfast with John’s Mom, Nana and sister-in-law Jessie, and the rest of the day was spent at my parent’s house with my parents, siblings and my 18 month old nephew, Jakob. Like a true boy after my own heart Jake paraded around in his cowboy hat, and would come over to be picked up so I could “giddy-up” and canter around the yard. He clucks at me (which I taught him) and funny enough (I think), he also instinctively knows to kick to go. I can’t wait to take him to the barn to sit on a real horse for the first time, I know he will love it. Being Auntie Auttie to the cutest boy around is the best! – Autumn I., Merchendising


This weekend, we celebrated my husband’s achievements at the University of Miami, where he graduated with his Doctor of Musical Arts on Thursday. It’s been 3 years of a lot of hard work, and I’m so incredibly proud of him! His parents came into town for graduation, and we showed them Miami Beach, the crazy South Florida traffic, and our favorite places to eat. Even when the weekend couldn’t get any better, I also got to spend some time at the barn! – Jennifer B., Customer Care


This weekend was one of the most relaxing I’ve had in awhile and it was so awesome. On Saturday I ran some errands to prepare for a breakfast Matt and I planned for our mom’s and grandmother on Sunday, and then headed to the barn with fellow SmartPaker Liz Cox. We worked with Maddie in the ring until it started pouring and she expressed her thoughts about that by hiding her giant head in my chest. Once in the barn Maddie was spoiled by Liz who groomed her, neatened up her mane and then gave her a mini-massage. On Sunday we had my parents and grandparents, Matt’s parents, and Matt’s sister and her husband over for a Mother’s Day breakfast! I’m not exactly a culinary expert so making batches of pancakes, waffles and bacon all at once had me on my toes for a bit, but it was a success and everyone seemed quite happy. We also had a nice surprise on Sunday with the start of our first clutch of bearded dragon eggs – they’re hatching! – Michelle M., Customer Care

I’ve been super busy the last 3 weekends, so busy that I forgot to post anything about my weekends when I came back in to the office! 3 weekends ago, I went to the Rolex 3 Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park for the first time. I was able to go as a spectator (but I did stop by the SmartPak booth to say hi to my fellow Customer Care Team Members that were working!), and I had a blast. I’m already planning my trip for next year! The next weekend, I took my boyfriend to Fort Taber State Park and Military Museum, as well as the New Bedford Whaling Museum. I’d felt a little guilty that I’d gone on a great trip without him, so wanted to treat him to a nice day out. I planned the whole day without telling him where we were going, then when we were leaving our house I plugged the address into the GPS and had him just drive where it told him to go! This past weekend, I took my mom to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain (a suburb of Boston) for their annual Lilac Festival. We had great food from some cool food trucks (including Roxy’s Grilled Cheese which was on Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race”), enjoyed wandering around the arboretum, and traipsing through rows of lilacs. The smells were heavenly! – Jessica D., Customer Care


Lottie and I went new product scouting at the NEDA Spring Dressage Show in Marshfield, MA. (It looks like we were much closer to the horses in the picture than we actually were 🙂 ) – Maria T., Merchendising


First Tri of the season. Entering the transition area after a ¼ mile swim in the balmy 59 degree lake! – Keith Q., IT


SmartPak’s Plymouth Babe Ruth team started playing this weekend, guess how old #18 is? – Kevin W., Production

kaitlyn z

This weekend I ventured home to New Jersey to spend time with my mom for Mother’s Day. We ended up deciding to open our pool on Sunday and within minutes of the cover being off, my dog Bentley jumped right in. He LOVES to swim and was apparently very excited to be able to again. We couldn’t get him out of the water! – Kaitlyn Z., Marketing


Heather C, Katie T, Erica H and I headed up to Fenway park! We had great seats and a great view, but my favorite part was the food! We enjoyed a few Fenway Franks, nachos, pretzels, ice cream and an endless supply of candy (not all at the same time :-)). Unfortunately, the Red Sox lost but a good time was had by all! – Jill D., Human Resources


Ax had the equine equivalent of a spa weekend, between her appointment with the farrier, and her mane’s appointment with my pulling comb (spoiler alert: there was a nice thoroughbred neck underneath all that wild mustang mane!). We also ventured out on the trails for our very first trail ride of the season. Sadly, the mission was aborted after an hour when we came upon a very scary puddle that Ax refused, understandably, to put her freshly-trimmed toes in, so we had to turn back, but it was a fun ride nonetheless. Afterwards, I oiled all my tack (check out the shine on my Wellfleet bridle!) while Ax grazed in one of the barn’s grass fields. – Emily D., Accounting


This weekend I took my mare Luna to NEDA’s Spring Dressage Show. As one of the bigger recognized shows in the area, it was really exciting to be able to compete in First Level Tests 2 & 3. It was definitely the biggest show Luna and I have done together so far. We took the horses over on Friday to school and get used to the 4 rings running side by side, as well as the tents and other commotion. On Saturday we rode early, and despite a little rain and a lot of clouds the weather held out. Best of all fellow SmartPakers Emily, Annie, and JMott came out to cheer us on and make sure we looked our best in the ring. Luna and I finished a respectable 2nd and 4th in our classes and I could not have been more proud! – Kerri V., Marketing

This weekend two of my longtime horse show friends came to visit and we had a blast catching up on Friday. They weren’t quite up for an extra horse show, however, so early Saturday morning I left them sleeping while I headed to Marshfield to learn about Dressage! For reference, I am a lifelong hunter rider so this was all new to me. I went to the show to cheer on my friend Kerri while another friend Emily, came along to groom for her (both fellow SmartPakers). I learned a lot and had a great time with everyone. Here is a picture of me giving Luna a pep talk 🙂 – Annie C., Marketing


My Mother’s Day was celebrated watching my oldest daughter Amanda graduate UMass Dartmouth with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing. (2nd in from the right)

Could not have asked for a better Mother’s Day gift! The day started out rainy and damp and only in the 50’s for a temp. and as soon as they started reading the graduates names, the sun came out and the temp rose to 71 degrees 🙂 – Wendy D., Accounting


This weekend was a BIG weekend for my horse, Nate. On Sunday we had our very first dabble in dressage! We signed up to do a Ride-Review-Ride schooling Dressage show at our barn, and we showed in the USDF 2011 Intro C Test. Nate and I have never even attempted dressage before, although he’s sharp as a tack when it comes to patterns and flatwork so I thought we’d give it a whirl! And it was also extra exciting because … It was Nate’s 21st BIRTHDAY! When we walked into the show ring, Nate has his usual head up high and proud, spooking at the judges table, (and also a misplaced pitchfork) and no one could believe he was turning 21! Even the judge commented and said he was acting like a 3 year old! So, we rode our test. Natey-boy totally KILLED IT and I was so proud of him! It was a hot day and he was sweaty and tired, but he listened to me so well and gave when I asked. At the end of the show, we enjoyed some Nate’s 21st birthday cake as we waited for the ribbon pinning, and Nate and I won our class !! I couldn’t have been happier (or more surprised!) I gave Nate some of the cookies that he won and a bite or two of frosting (okay- he licked my plate clean, but it was well deserved!) It was a great day all around, and it turns out you can teach an old Natey new tricks, he’s still got it at 21! 🙂 – Brittany C., Creative


We had our second child last Tuesday morning. Delia Margaret is doing very well and her mother is nothing but incredible. – Kent P., Web Marketing


So the big day finally arrived…Excel turned 20! We threw him a birthday party to celebrate, of course! He was spoiled the whole day on 5/5/13. No riding, a thorough grooming, lots of grazing, a ton of carrots and treats from the party-goers as well as lots of photos! Family and friends came by, all in disbelief he’s been in the family for almost 15 years. I’m so proud of him (can you tell)? I’m still trying to decide what my gift to him will be – custom sheet from Blue Ribbon? Antares bridle? All suggestions welcome!
Attached are a few of my faves from this fun, fun day. – Susan T., Barn Sales

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