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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – May 29, 2013


During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past week and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

I had a fabulous weekend which included my return to field hockey for the first time in 10 years! Of course this meant a bit of shopping for some seriously killer new shoes, called the “Predators”. Intimidated yet? Some of the rules have changed and I’m not quite in the shape I was in my “golden years”, but it was awesome to reunite with some of my former teammates and be part of an amazing new team. Needless to say I’m still sore, it hurts to cough, and the SmartPak stairs were a bit ominous this morning. I have some work to do to get into shape but I’m looking forward to the next 8 weeks of my favorite non-horse related sport 🙂 – Sara R., Customer Care

This past Saturday, I got to be a “horse show mom” as my horse, Dia, did training level dressage at a schooling show with the girl who is part leasing her. It was raining and cold, but Dia and Andrea did quite well for their first horse show together. (Especially since Dia’s main job is a hunter/equitation horse!) And I was rather proud of my first time doing “button braids”. The rest of the weekend my husband and I worked on putting up fencing around our new outdoor. We are almost done, and my husband took today out of work to finish up. I can’t wait to ride in it!!! – Jess R., IT

I had a great Memorial Day weekend! On Sunday I ran in Boston’s Run to Remember Half-Marathon with my boyfriend and fellow SmartPakers Kaitlyn, Roni, and Megan. Although the weather was dismal (45 and raining), the race was awesome! There was so much support for the runners and law enforcement (the race is a tribute to fallen police officers) and it was amazing to be a part of it all. Over 6,000 runners participated and it was a day I’ll never forget. After lots of rest and water, I was feeling pretty good on Monday, and enjoyed much nicer weather for an afternoon ride on my mare Luna. – Kerri V., Marketing

We spent our first camping weekend in our new LQ trailer. Drove up to Vermont in the rain, hoping the weather men would be wrong as usual. They weren’t. It
snowed Saturday night! We did get a very nice 4 hour trail ride in Monday. There was still snow on the ground in the woods even though it had rained most of the day Sunday too. – Ellen W., Receiving

This past week I traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC where the weather was absolutely gorgeous! I was able to ride my first ATV, go horseback riding on the beach and enjoy some much needed time in the sun. On Memorial Day I went for a trail ride on the Cape with my friends Courtney and Kaitlyn. Courtney’s horse just moved back to Massachusetts, so it was cool to finally meet her and a great way to finish out the long weekend! – Erica H., Finance

Great weekend that included music, beer and horses! Perfect! Rode the ponies on Saturday and the rain actually held off so I was able to take a little trail ride around the property. On Sunday, I went to the Boston Calling Music Festival and ended up with a great view for the Of Monsters and Men concert. Can you say awesome? Also included was drinking a lovely UFO overlooking the City Hall Plaza, I could finally feel summer in the air. – Renee P., Merchandising

Only if the following scenario sounds familiar will you appreciate what I did on Memorial Day….right after breakfast, throw on shorts and t-shirt with flip flops of course, grab the lawn chairs, a thermos full of red (who knows what flavor they called it) Kool-Aid, double-stuffs and kids sunglasses thrown on my head, jump in the car with Dad (mom’s meeting us there), to get “downtown” in time to get front row seats to the annual Memorial Day parade. I still remember as a kid being in awe of the marchers carrying flags, banners, or marching to the band playing (how did the band members play music AND march I wondered too?) but not nearly as mesmerized as when I could see the horse’s ears bobbing way down the line, squealing in excitement knowing the horses were coming soon! I would look up at those riders thinking how incredibly lucky they were to be riding such beautiful horses in a P-A-R-A-D-E! Waving, smiling, and riding horses all at the same time!

So you guessed it…thanks to my friend and co-worker Elizabeth Robinson, and her cute, cute, parade-veteran Arabian named Sam, I did just that on this year’s Memorial Day. No marching bands, but the parade came complete with a row of shiny red fire trucks rolling slowly in tow, horses led by a cart-pulling pony named Buddy, a musket-shooting ceremony, and plenty of onlookers doing their own squealing as the horses walked on by. (And Yes, of COURSE I was waiving right back at them! See photo as proof) I swear Sam marched that much more proudly the more squealing he heard. Thank you Sam and Elizabeth for this memorable, smile-filled event! – Susan T. Barn Marketing

Last weekend, I was at the 3rd Annual SmartPak Benefit Horse Show. We had amazing weather, and tons of fun! In the interest of not having to babysit my horse while helping at the show, I brought my trusty older steed, Sam. He came through in almost all of his classes, and I couldn’t be prouder! This past weekend we had abysmal late May weather – rainy and in the 40’s. I spent Saturday in long johns and thermal socks watching my favorite clinician, Lee Smith, at a Ray Hunt benefit in Connecticut. Since I’d pretty much go to Antarctica to see her if I had to, it was time well spent despite the weather. Finally on Monday New England decided it was spring after all and gave us gorgeous sunshine for the Memorial Day Parade. Having loaned Sam to Susan for the day’s ride (see her update for more pics!) I took the chance to get lots of photos of everyone all dressed up. Crowd winner by far was my friend’s pony with his patriotic head-dress. – Elizabeth R., Customer Care

What a week! Where do I even begin?! My boyfriend and I spent the last week driving a car full of dogs from my mom’s house in NY to my sister’s house in Las Vegas. We travelled through the great plains, up into the Rockies, and then down into the desert. After dropping off my mom’s dogs and hanging out with my sister’s family, we began our journey home with just one dog (Sprocket) left in the car. Our return trip took us through the entire Southwest, including requisite stops at the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and Cadillac Ranch. We were blessed with really amazing weather (thankfully we narrowly avoided the tornados), and we had a ton of fun. I’m sad it’s over, but pretty happy to no longer be living out of a car! -Sarah P., Marketing

This weekend was bittersweet for my boyfriend and me. We are both from Sandy Hook, CT, and we both grew up within 1.5 miles of the school where 26 innocent lives were lost in December. We went to that elementary school, and our families still live there. It’s been a rough last few months, but with the help of several SmartPakers, we worked with one of our vendors to order some beautiful cast iron angel benches to donate around town. I’ve had the benches at my parents house since January, but this was the first weekend where we were able to start distributing them to their new homes. We have 8 benches total, 2 adult size benches and 6 child size benches, and took 2 of the child size benches to local churches on Sunday. We’ll distribute the rest over the summer, and look forward to seeing them all in their final destinations soon. We also took time to visit with our families, and celebrate several birthdays and holidays that have happened over the last few months all at once with a get together at both of our parents houses. I ended my weekend with a ride on the new Arabian mare that I’m working with, and couldn’t have asked for a nicer day on Monday to take her out to play! – Jess D., Customer Care

Last weekend I took my horse Ax to the 3rd annual SmartPak horse show, and fellow SmartPaker Jess and I took turns riding her in various game classes like command and barrel racing. All of the proceeds from the show got donated to a local therapeutic riding center, which I thought was a great cause. This weekend I went away to Martha’s Vineyard with a group of friends, which was relaxing and fun, but after four days away from my horse, I can’t wait to get to the barn after work today! – Emily D., Accounting

This weekend I had two old friends come to visit and attend AnimeBoston with me! AnimeBoston is one of those conventions where everyone gets dressed up. We had a blast and I was able to meet one of our SmartPak customers (Diane) who was selling her glassware at the convention! It was great to see a customer face to face! Diane was amazing and her artwork is spectacular!

On Sunday the 26th my horse and I also celebrated our 6 year anniversary as horse as owner! – Kaitlin T., Customer Care

I went to Shelton WA this weekend to visit my mom and sister. She has 7 horses, 3 dogs & 2 Scottish highland cows – Matt S., IT

My daughter, Gina is working for Margie Engle and I visited them at HITS and got this great shot of Margie and Indigo over the SmartPak jump. They were 2nd in the EMO 50,000 Grand Prix! – Jacqui G., Customer Care

Had a fantastic weekend in Philadelphia visiting college friends. So fun to see everyone and catch up! Lots of laughter and reminiscing… – Jen B., Retail Store

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